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Bye Bye Mr. Binky

Goodbye and Good riddance to Mr. Binky!

I've been wanting to write this blog for a long long time and in doing a lot of research I figure I have until Mason is 12 months to ensure that Mr. Binky takes a hike.   Mason didn't seem too interested in the pacifier after he was born but we bought one a…

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An added expense

Toy companies spend millions of dollars on research to ensure their toys will engage children and provide enjoyment for hours.  I recently posted about some toys that we purchased for Mason and not surprisingly he has found alternate uses for them...

I say, "don't bother".  Mason spent more ti…

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Surviving a year on Maternity Pay

Going on maternity leave is usually an exciting time.  Your new baby is arriving in a few weeks, you don' t have to work! You can get caught up on your soaps and eat bon bons all day.  Okay,  maybe not.  So seriously, the one thing about going on maternity leave that is extremely stressful is havi…

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Jump Around!

I first noticed Jump Gymnastics across the street from my workplace and thought it would be a great outing for Mason, especially now that he is so mobile and loves to climb!  I visited their website and looked up the info for the drop in class.  I invited all of my parent friends who had kids tha…

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How do you get a Mason to eat his carrots?

Put him in a shirt that has a carrot on it.  Duh!


Finally after 3 months Mason will now eat carrots! YAY.

T-shirt is courtesy of Bang On T-Shirts - custom design

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Lest we forget



Today is Remembrance day.  November 11, 2009.  I have to embarrassingly admit that I haven't attended any Remembrance Day ceremonies since I was in grade school.  It's not that I had better things to do, I just think I wasn't mature enough to really take into consideration what this day means. …

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Not a toy. Not a toy! Still not a toy!!

no touching


Satri told me of one of her friends replaced 'no' with 'not a toy' to direct her child away from playing with something they shouldn't.  If I started this, I'd be saying *that* all day!  I find that a harsh no when it calls for it is a better way to direct him from danger (something hot, sharp …

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My dining room is now a little store



I've always been good about donating used clothing and household goods to charity and from my last move the Salvation Army really got a good lot from.  I was sick of moving and decided to donate a LOT of new stuff to charity just so I didn't have to move it lol.  Now seeing as how I am on Mater…

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New design - love it or hate it?

I've received quite a few comments from people I don't know (aka strangers) that read my blog on a regular basis - thank you! I think that's really wonderful that my weekly musings are worth reading!

I'd love to know what your thoughts are on the new design!  Please click on the 'Guestbook' tab tha…

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Have you ever heard a Hippo Bark?

I have!


Well not exactly...but I'd love to share this bit o' info with you's.  I recently attended the Vancouver Children's Trunk Show on Friday, November 5th with my friend Satri and her Daughter Sienna.  It was featured at the Museum of Vancouver (MOV) which was just a small room in their gall…

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Does your kid do this?

Back in the day, okay back in March...anytime Mason would see my naked breast he'd be like 'yum milk!' and try to locate the nipple like a little baby Stevie Wonder.  He did this cute little head wave side to side and his little mouth would be agape.  Success and he'd suck happily and have a drink.…

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H1N1 - To Poke or Not to Poke. That IS the question.

And it's a question that has no answer.  I sat on the fence for the last week, reading various articles of the Pandemic in BC and other provinces.  Hearing the heart wrenching comments from parents who had lost their children to this super flu.  I asked Clayton what his thoughts were and he initiall…

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