Have you ever heard a Hippo Bark?

I have!


Well not exactly...but I'd love to share this bit o' info with you's.  I recently attended the Vancouver Children's Trunk Show on Friday, November 5th with my friend Satri and her Daughter Sienna.  It was featured at the Museum of Vancouver (MOV) which was just a small room in their gallery.  My first beef was that we were overcharged at the door for admission.  All their adverts stated that the fee was $2.00 however we were charged $4.00 each and the woman looked at me like I was crazy when I mentioned that I thought the fee was $2.00.  Yeah I know it's only $2.00 but 2bux is 2bux!  It said 20+ vendors but I really don't think there were more than 14 there.  Most of the booths were at previous baby fairs.

So anyhow...

One of the booths was for a company called Barking Hippo which sold upcycled t-shirts.  Cool designs from an adult shirt minimized to a baby/child size.  You couldn't even tell that it was re-sewn!  Very cool - check it out!

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