Lest we forget



Today is Remembrance day.  November 11, 2009.  I have to embarrassingly admit that I haven't attended any Remembrance Day ceremonies since I was in grade school.  It's not that I had better things to do, I just think I wasn't mature enough to really take into consideration what this day means.  Now that I'm a Mom, life does really change.  Priorities change and we want the best for our children.  Mason isn't old enough to understand what his Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother went through so many years ago but I feel like it's my responsibility to ensure he honors this day going forward.  I was up most the night with him and getting up at nine was a struggle but I pushed myself on as I thought of all the soldiers past and present can't whine about going into battle.  We were meeting Satri and Sienna at Confed park just after ten so we could attend the ceremonies at 10:45.  I was surprised to see quite a crowd gathering so early.  All ages, all colors, and all sizes attended.  Mason was a perfect little gentleman and was quiet for the majority of the ceremony.  We stood through many songs, speeches, fighter planes overhead, red serge, cadets, Girl Guides, Beavers and war Veterans alike.  At one point in the ceremony the rain started to sprinkle but it was brief.  I felt as though it was tears from all who have mourned the loss of a soldier or Veteran.  It was quite symbolic.  My back started to ache part way through the ceremony as I had Mason in the Baby Bjorn and he ways just about 18lbs now.  However all the soldiers past and present carried more than than on their bodies in gear.  Now was not the time to complain.  I shed a few tears thinking of my Grandfather Cec who passed in 2003.  I tried to  remember the stories he used to tell us about the war and had many pictures to share.  I remember at such a young age (13 or so) that it was important for me to listen and be attentive as sharing was so important to him.  There came a point later in his life that he no longer wanted to speak of the war.  I am proud of myself for creating a new tradition for Mason and hoping that he'll carry it on, long after I am gone.

Lest we forget.



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