My dining room is now a little store



I've always been good about donating used clothing and household goods to charity and from my last move the Salvation Army really got a good lot from.  I was sick of moving and decided to donate a LOT of new stuff to charity just so I didn't have to move it lol.  Now seeing as how I am on Maternity Leave (4 months left) I consider myself to be poor (lol) and to get some extra cash, I am selling some of my good quality stuff on Craigslist and UsedVancouver.  To date, I've sold about 5 items but all of my pending items are cluttering up our already small dining room.  So I thought I'd spread the word and forward you the link to my Online Garage Sale!

You may not live in the area so I understand if you don't want to purchase my lovely things but if you know of someone who is, please pass along the link.


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