H1N1 - To Poke or Not to Poke. That IS the question.

And it's a question that has no answer.  I sat on the fence for the last week, reading various articles of the Pandemic in BC and other provinces.  Hearing the heart wrenching comments from parents who had lost their children to this super flu.  I asked Clayton what his thoughts were and he initially was opposed to the vaccine which was a bit frustrating because if I decided that I wanted it, it would be a difficult conversation.  I had made the decision personally to not get vaccinated.  I don't feel I am at risk and I've yet to get a regular flu shot.  But then there is my little monkey.  So small and vulnerable.  Clayton and I are definitely not germaphobes and haven't gone much out of our way to stay virus free other than maybe washing our hands more and using hand sanitizer in public places.  I still plan on taking a trip downtown with Mason on the Skytrain and if that isn't a place that is covered in germ goo, I don't know where is.

So last night I told Clayton that I wanted to get Mason vaccinated (based on the recent news of healthy children dying from H1N1.) I admit, the fear got to me. I have a friend with a daughter who has a mild case of it and he urged me to vaccinated.  How could I not?  So I looked up the clinic information and planned to go today.

Since my friends have been pretty hush hush about whether they decided to vaccinate their kids, I decided to post my FB status with the fact that I was going to vax Mason.  I received negative responses and 'go with your gut' responses, I've seen very little positive encouragement.  My reasons are the same as every other parent going through this.  What is actually IN the vaccine? Does it contain egg? What are the side effects?  Who is to say months down the road they will declare the vaccine unsafe or worse than the actual flu itself.  Argggh!

So from that little post, I'm back in fear land...just on the other side of the fence.  I look at my little baby who is almost 8 and a half months and wonder what the best decision is for him? Do I put him at risk by not vaccinating him.  Or do I put him at risk by vaccinating him!  I am having a hard time wanting to put a foreign substance into his body that may or may not work.

For now I pray we all stay healthy and I make the right decision.

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