Not a toy. Not a toy! Still not a toy!!

no touching


Satri told me of one of her friends replaced 'no' with 'not a toy' to direct her child away from playing with something they shouldn't.  If I started this, I'd be saying *that* all day!  I find that a harsh no when it calls for it is a better way to direct him from danger (something hot, sharp etc).  I'm starting to realize that toys aren't necessary for babies, they really aren't that interested in them and would rather play with anything around the house.  Here is Mason's 'not a toy' list:

  • Toilet paper

  • Toilet paper holder (silver and shiny)

  • Electrical cords / network cables

  • Guitar for the Wii

  • Real guitars

  • The cat

  • The dog

  • Electrical outlets (which are covered btw)

  • Anything in a bin (currently my garage sale items)

  • The dog leash hanging from the hook (silver and shiny)

  • The baby bjorn hanging from the hook

  • Shoes

  • The highchair (perfect legs to hang on to)

  • Lamp posts (silver and shiny)

  • The vacuum

  • The pet dishes of food/water (silver and shiny)

  • Any closet door that is open is like a beacon to him and he pants when he races to it.

  • The little covers on the base of the toilet bowl (that cover the screws)

  • The door stop (silver and shiny)

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