Jump Around!

I first noticed Jump Gymnastics across the street from my workplace and thought it would be a great outing for Mason, especially now that he is so mobile and loves to climb!  I visited their website and looked up the info for the drop in class.  I invited all of my parent friends who had kids that were 6+ months as that is the beginning age group they cater to.  The drop in class was $5.00 and there is ample street parking ($3.00/hr) and public parking across the street in the Pivotal Building.  I showed up a bit late because I had ran across the street to my old workplace so I could parade around with Mason.  I've only dropped by one other time when he was only a few months old.  I was surprised to hear so many other coworkers had been pregnant or just had their babies!  Yay for babies.  By the time I realized it was 2pm I ran back across the street to Jump and got signed in.  The front area had cubbies for all of the kids/parents belongings and there was a gate blocking the kids from escaping the main area.  Looking around there were a lot of mats, balls, obstacles, balance beams, rings, bars and trampolines.  I spotted Chad and Austin and had a quick hello before I let Mason loose to crawl around.  I was a little surprised at the age ranges.  I was assuming this was a babyJump class (6-12 months) but it was a general drop in for all kids.  I was a bit disappointed because I had to really watch Mason and ensure he wasn't trampled by the bigger kids and he didn't have a chance to play with all of the activity centers because they were dominated by the bigger kids.  It was a non structured class which I liked but was hoping for some singing or instructions.  The class ended at 2:45 and the hostess had all the kids gather in a circle where she stamped their feet (and hands and belly buttons) for participating.

I am thinking about joining.  Class is 10 weeks for about $9ish dollars a class for 45 mins.  Drop in after the first promo session is $15.00 a class.  I do not recommend this class for babies who are unable to crawl, while you can still interact with your child and place them on the various centers, I don't think it would be worth the money.  Even with mason being a pro crawler/stander, I think he's still too young to do this on a weekly basis, so I think I'm going to enroll him once he starts walking.


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