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Monster Jam 2014

When I saw the ad for Monster Jam in December, I thought that it might be a cool thing for Mason to experience.   I couldn't really recall whether I had been to one in my youth so I assumed not.

I had a choice of going to the show in Vancouver or try to align our Disneyland trip and Monster Jam wh…

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Vancouver Aquarium

This isn't the first time we've been to the aquarium, obviously.  But it is the first time since they did major renovations.  Thanks to White Spot Restaurants, we received free admission for Mason with the purchase of a Pirate Pak.  The coupon was only good for a few months and expired Oct 31st.  On…

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1st Canucks Game

First off, I have to thank the Zuccolin's for posting Canucks tickets for sale on Facebook or I wouldn't have thought to take Mason.  

Mason hasn't had too much interest in sports to date but that's not surprising with him having two pretty geeky parents ;) I had been looking forward to today all …

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Funland at Art Knapp (PoCo)

I saw a posting on a parenting group on FB that Art Knapp was having a Hallowe'en event and put it on our list of things to do this weekend.  Luckily the weather was awesome today, tshirt weather!

The drive to Art Knapp wasn't too long, about 1/2 hr.  I took the Barnet all the way there and coinc…

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The Adventure Zone (Granville Island)

I have been putting off visiting The Adventure Zone for a few years until I felt okay leaving Mason in a play structure where I had limited visibility.  Not to mention that Granville Island is not the greatest place to visit during the weekend.  Parking was non existent (3 hrs free) and I refuse to …

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1st Annual Family Campout

On Thursday I got this impulse idea to go camping on the weekend.  The weather looked perfect and I was sure there would be somewhere fairly local we could head out to.

I started to ask some coworkers who were into camping and was told that you had to book a year in advance (for ALL of the lower m…

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Burnaby Fire Department - Station 1

When Mason had his first birthday it was more of an adults party than a traditional kids party since he was so young.  His Dad and I decided that he really didn't need anymore presents so we asked for guests to bring donations to the Vancouver Food bank in lieu of gifts & cards.

Here is a pic of u…

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Cat in the Hat

 Cat in the Hat! 

Woohoo! Another live show for Mason to go to.  As soon as I saw the ad, I went to see what shows were available on their website.

This was a smaller production at a theatre that I hadn't heard of and figured it was downtown.  The show is running from February 23  – March 3…

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Pet Expo

I think I saw an ad in the paper about the upcoming Pet Expo and thought it would be a fun event for Mason.

Their website is here.

It was only this weekend so if you want to go, you are too late but you can go next year!  The Expo is also in Calgary.

The ticket prices were slightly confusing as …

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Go Banana's (North Van)

Mason stayed home from school today so I thought it would be a good opportunity to get out of the house and let him get some exercise indoors!  After reviewing Mason's last of Outings, I realized that we have't been to a play center in a while and thought we'd Go Banana's!

This location is actua…

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Beaty Biodiversity Museum

This is the museum we wanted to see but ended up at the MOA last summer instead.  They are both out by UBC so it was not a surprise I had them confused.

I waited for a Groupon for the Beaty Biodiversity Museum and received for $6.00 instead of the $12 for an Adult.  (Mason was already free as he …

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Museum of Anthropology (MOA)

To be honest I wasn't aware this museum existed until I heard the name pop up a few times over the past few weeks.  I think it started with the Groupon 'deal' for reduced admission.

A beautiful sunny day and yes, we are going to go spend time indoors.  I think exposing kids to scientific, artisti…

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Bugs & Bees @ The Honeybee Centre

A long long time ago, I lived in Langley BC.  I was relatively new to the mainland and this is where I called home for 3 years.  As I traveled out of town, I often passed the Honeybee Centre but never had a reason to go take a look at what they had to offer.

Finally a Saturday with my little man …

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Toopy & Binoo & the Marshmallow Moon

I think when I saw the advert for Toopy & Binoo live in Concert, I was more excited than Mason was!  I'm always looking for new and fun things to do together as a family.  As soon as the tickets were available, I snapped up 3 ($25 each) and told Mason that he was going to the show.  The downside is …

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Bloedel Conservatory

I didn't expect the weather to be so nice today and figured that all of the hot spots would be packed.  Finally when we left the house (we live in a basement suite) I saw how gorgeous the weather was and my initial thoughts were Waterpark! Splashdown! but then realized it was a holiday + hot weather…

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Trains & Dinosaurs

For BC Day, Mason and I decided to spend our time in Langley/Cloverdale.

Our first stop was lunch at ChooChoo's Restaurant, a place I wanted to try out since seeing somewhere on the Internets as a good place to take kids.  I  was surprised they were open so late (9pm) on a holiday but it worked f…

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Watershed Creek Fish Release

Thanks to Urbanbaby & Toddler Magazine's post on Facebook, Mason and I had something to do on Sunday!

The last time I was at the watershed was in 2007...ages ago.  Believe it or not I had a downhill mountain bike and went riding (not often) with my then boyfriend.

This time, we had no bikes b…

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Mason tries ice skating

I had driven past the sign a zillion times: Family skate – Fridays 6:30pm.

Mason had yet to experience the wonderful world of ice skating.  I thought he was too young until I heard a friend of mine had his kid on an actually hockey team at 3 years old.  Seriously? Future Canuck in training or what…

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Vancouver Maritime Museum

I just realized today that our deadline for Mason's giant list of things to do before he turns 3 is coming up on Feb 21st!  We managed to cross off 19 adventures! 

Today we visited the Vancouver Maritime Museum.   There is ample parking beside the museum but bring your change or credit card as yo…

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The Polar Express

On Friday night I had told Mason that we were taking him somewhere special on the weekend.  His Grandmother Ginny had bought us tickets to see The Polar Express in Squamish. 

Mason is a big fan of Chuggington & Thomas the Train and we thought taking him on a real train would be a great exper…

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