Does your kid do this?

Back in the day, okay back in March...anytime Mason would see my naked breast he'd be like 'yum milk!' and try to locate the nipple like a little baby Stevie Wonder.  He did this cute little head wave side to side and his little mouth would be agape.  Success and he'd suck happily and have a drink.

Now when I happen to be topless and laying beside Mason (could be in the early morning when I haven't dressed yet) he sees my breast as something to destroy.  He's in the hitting phase, so it gets a few whacks and then he sees the nipple which is the best part.  Mason thinks ''.  and his pudgy little fingers try to rip it off my body.  I yell out in pain and giggles, "It doesn't come OFF!" Yet he's still determined and attempts again before I seek cover under the sheets.

Is my destructo Angel the only one that does this?


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