Bye Bye Mr. Binky

Goodbye and Good riddance to Mr. Binky!

I've been wanting to write this blog for a long long time and in doing a lot of research I figure I have until Mason is 12 months to ensure that Mr. Binky takes a hike.   Mason didn't seem too interested in the pacifier after he was born but we bought one anyways, in hoping that it might have calmed in one of those fussy situations.  Before we knew it, Binky accompanied us trips, around the house and of course nap and bed time.  Mason quickly calmed down when Mr. Binky was around and it became quite the savior.  Once Mason was about six months old, I started to limit the time he had binky to nap and bed times only, he didn't really need it during the day and spit it out eventually anyhow.  I figured that it was best that Mr. Binky made his exit soon after because pacifiers have been known to interfere with speech development as well as leading to dental problems.  Mason is now 9 months old and has yet to show any teeth, so I figure I've still got a few months to kick this habit.  He's not dependent on it, I don't think.   But we are.  Clayton still carries one on his outings which I asked him to refrain from doing just so Mason forgets about it during the day.  Since I do most of the night wakings, I rely on binky to get Mason back to sleep instead of letting him 'cry it out'.  I've been trying harder and harder to not give him the little plastic soother but it's SO hard.

So last night I put Mason down at 9:30ish, a bit late but he had a bed time snack after we got home from grocery shopping, he had a bottle in bed (apparently another no no but I am not listening to that one) and fell sleep fairly fast, he woke up around 4ish but wasn't 'really' awake, so I gave him just an oz or so of milk and back he went to dreamy land.

Let's see how long it lasts....

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