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Port Moody - Rocky Point Park

For Saturday afternoon (less a nap), Mason and Mommy headed from Granville Island to a quick stop at home to pick up our bathing suits.  We were off to Rocky Point in Port Moody to meet up with Rob and his daughter Maya (5 years) for an afternoon of fun at the water park and the outdoor pool!


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Fun at Granville Island

Mason and I had big plans for the Saturday.  Initially we were going to take a trip to Science World as Mason hasn’t been for quite some time.  I checked their website and was delighted to discover that they reduced their prices for the duration of their reno.  From $25 to $14 and Mason being under…

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Toons for Tots

Channel 43 is the only station I let Mason watch cartoons on.  Actually it’s the only station we really get cartoons on.  At my parents who have a zillion channels, there is a lot more choices for kids.  Remember growing up in the 80’s? Cartoons were on ONE channel and ONCE a week – Saturdays!  In 2…

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Absence makes the heart ache

I carried Mason in my belly for 10 months, everywhere I went, he went.  His strong kicks resulted in constant ‘ufffs’ from me.  Then he was born and still, everywhere I went, he went.  I couldn’t imagine being away from him for more than a few days.  At one time his Dad and I went on vacation but we…

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Krause Berry Farm - Farmer's Feast 2011

Here we go go go go on another adventure!

Another place to cross off Mason’s list!!  I read somewhere on the Internets that Krause Berry Farm was having a Farmer’s Feast today and we thought we’d drive out to Langley and check it out!  Today (Sunday) was supposed to have better weather than yes…

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Kerrisdale Play Palace

From looking at the weather reports yesterday, I knew that today was going to be rainy.  We slept in (yay, thanks Mason) and headed out just before 11am to Kerrisdale.

Checking out their website prior to leaving confirmed the address which is 41st and East BLVD (or better known as the Mc’Donalds co…

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The Monsters did it

My Child is giving me tons to blog about this week!

I’m sure this is all due to the lack of a nap today (him not me).  It all started with the fact that my living room exploded with toys and I started to trip on things.  At daycare they are only allowed to play with a few things at a time but here I…

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Tantrums 101 - Part II

Oh of course there is a part II.  That little episode couldn’t have been all that was in store for me.  Eventually I needed to clean up the house so I cranked up the music and proceeded to go from room to room while Mason ran around like a crazy person. 

It’s nearing bedtime and I need to get …

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Tantrums 101

Wow, you’d think after a long day at work that coming home to a semi-clean house would be a blessing.


Upon arriving home, Mason always wants to play outside.  Who could blame him? We have a nice yard, there are toys and a garden to explore.  Unfortunately today is raining, I’m hungry and th…

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Funny Tuesday

The alarm goes off at 6:30am, my little monkey is fast asleep.  Yes, in my bed.  I didn’t protest (nor do I ever) when he whimpered (repeatedly, I tried to ignore him..he didn’t go back to sleep) from a bad dream or his internal clock telling him that he’s not with me.

Anyhow, I want to forg…

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