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The Monsters did it

My Child is giving me tons to blog about this week!

I’m sure this is all due to the lack of a nap today (him not me).  It all started with the fact that my living room exploded with toys and I started to trip on things.  At daycare they are only allowed to play with a few things at a time but here I…

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Tantrums 101 - Part II

Oh of course there is a part II.  That little episode couldn’t have been all that was in store for me.  Eventually I needed to clean up the house so I cranked up the music and proceeded to go from room to room while Mason ran around like a crazy person. 

It’s nearing bedtime and I need to get …

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Tantrums 101

Wow, you’d think after a long day at work that coming home to a semi-clean house would be a blessing.


Upon arriving home, Mason always wants to play outside.  Who could blame him? We have a nice yard, there are toys and a garden to explore.  Unfortunately today is raining, I’m hungry and th…

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An evening with Mister M Harbour

An evening with Mister M Harbour

I got a lot of great feedback on the previous post so I thought I’d follow up with an evening blog since there is so much to share.

Today’s weather was a bit sketchy.  It literally monsooned all over Vancouver and Burnaby.  I was *hoping* it would be less rainy by …

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Mason in the morning

I previously blogged about what a typical day with Mason looks like but as he gets older and talks more, even a few hours is quite comical.  So posterity’s sake, I thought I’d write down what today’s morning looked like.

Mason had a bad dream in the wee hours of the morning so he was in bed w…

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My baby has attitude!

My Mason has quite the little personality.  He's been complimented of his happy disposition on many occasions but as of late he sure loves pushing the boundaries.  I try to not limit Mason's boundaries on where he can crawl off to in the house but lately he wants to get into everything he shouldn't …

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