Mason in the morning

I previously blogged about what a typical day with Mason looks like but as he gets older and talks more, even a few hours is quite comical.  So posterity’s sake, I thought I’d write down what today’s morning looked like.

Mason had a bad dream in the wee hours of the morning so he was in bed with me until we got up.  He started to stir at 6am and we got up shortly after.  He is patient and will lay there until I tell him to get up but he wiggles around and it doesn’t make for much restful sleep for the Mama.

I go through the routine and deposit him on the couch, blankie in hand.  Vitamin and warm milk.  I rush around getting lunches  out of the fridge, shower, get clothes for the both of us.  Finally it’s time to dress Mason.  Slight tantrum.  He doesn’t want to get dressed.  I’m peppered with No’s; left right and center.  I try to give him a choice – top or bottoms on first.

As he stands up, his bottle tips over.  He knows that when he’s not drinking it, it’s supposed to be on the arm of the futon.  As he hands it to me, I notice that it spilled a bit on the futon (aka lactose sponge) and when I move the folds of the cover over to wipe up the drips, there is a GIANT puddle of milk.  I guess the cup had been tipped for a few minutes.  Not only is my couch wet (and soon to be stinky), he was sitting in it and his bottom is also wet.

I take a deep breath and try to explain in a steady tone that an ‘accident’ happened and that next time we need to make sure the cup is not on the futon.  He kinda thinks it’s funny.  I don’t.

Now I’m a bit short of patience and want him to get dressed.  He squirms out of my arms.  I’ve managed to take off his jammies (thank goodness for snaps).  I remove his diaper to discover it’s dry.  He hasn’t peed yet, which means it’s coming soon.  I try my best to put his diaper on while he’s standing up.  This is usually disastrous as you don’t get a tight fit and it more often than not results in leaks.

Now it’s time to put his shirt on.  He struggles, it gets bunched up.  He starts to whine, I’m trying to figure out why it’s not going on.  He’s laying on top of my outstretched legs.  He’s transfixed by cartoons.  I manage to get his socks on.  He turns over and buries his head into the carpet.  After what feels like hours, I get his top buttoned up and his jeans on.

I continue to get ready.  I put my makeup on and he rifles through my bathroom drawer.  "Dat?" Mason asks, picking up a bobby pin.  I tell him it’s for my hair.  I tell him to brush his teeth, he runs away.

I chase him down with his hair brush and a wet hand.  He’s not impressed with me and so I ask if he wants to brush his own hair.  He does but it looks worse than when he started lol.  We go back into the bathroom.  He grabs my curling iron, retreats to the living room and announces it’s a vacuum and starts making motor noises.

He stops dead in his tracks and asks why there are dishes on the kitchen floor (lack of counter space + baking & dinner dishes I didn’t clean the night before).  I explain ‘dirty dishes’.    He toddles off.

I’m almost done getting ready.   I ask him if he wants waffles and ‘dip dip’ (syrup).  He says yes.  I make them; cut them up and poor a tiny bit of syrup in a cup.  I present him with his food and ask him to sit at the table.  He runs away.  Do you want this? No. Thanks.  Sigh  I dump the contents into a ‘to go’ container, he can eat it at school.  Coat and shoes on for the both of us.

Finally I have all the bags ready (3 in total! One Jodelene lunch, one Mason lunch and my day bag).  He also wants to take his toy drill set to school.  I’m a bit hesitant because it has a lot of little pieces but I know Miss Ivy will put it away once he’s lost interest in it so I can pick it up later.  We leave the house and he’s  hunched over trying to find bugs on the ground.  (Ants, worms..u name it)  I convince him to walk up the stairs with me.  Usually he whines to be carried, which is stressful because I have my hands full of bags, toys and the stairs are really steep.  Not to mention God gave him two legs and he should use them!

He stops on the stairs going down to the street (my house is on a steep hill) to look at the flowers in the garden.  I wait for him.  Rushing him through the beauty of nature would be a missed opportunity for learning.  I encourage him to sniff and touch the flower.  He’s still looking for ants.  It must be too cold for them, cause I can’t find them either.

Finally we get buckled in the car and off to school we go.  His little friend Ryan is already there (it’s 7:35am) and I go through the dc routine.  Mason wants me to stay and play but I explain I have to go to work.  No tantrum, just a hug and a kiss, a few I love you’s and I tell him to have fun.

He runs to the window to wave goodbye and I blow him kisses.  I can hear him yell through the glass “Goodbye Mommy!”

Goodbye Masey, I will see you soon.

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