Port Moody - Rocky Point Park

For Saturday afternoon (less a nap), Mason and Mommy headed from Granville Island to a quick stop at home to pick up our bathing suits.  We were off to Rocky Point in Port Moody to meet up with Rob and his daughter Maya (5 years) for an afternoon of fun at the water park and the outdoor pool!

Finding the park is quite tricky.  Go into Port Moody (follow St. John’s – the main drag) to Moody street and turn left.  You will go over the bridge and at the 3 way, go straight and it will lead you to the parking lot of the trucks & boat trailers.  You’ll have to loop around to get under ‘the bridge’ to the main parking lot.   The address is 2800 Murray Street Port Moody, BC if you want to Google map it. 

Unfortunately once we got a few feet away from the entrance, a fire truck and several police cars showed up with sirens blaring and directed us back onto St. John’s street.  Due to the train tracks separating the two streets, we had to drive all the way to Ioco road to go to access the rest of the street.  By the time we made it to the parking lot, it was clear it was full.  We ended up parking on the street (parking is free) by Inlet Park and walking back to Rocky Point.

The grounds were packed with picnics, kids running wild and lots of beach blankets.  We found Rob & Maya, introduced the kids and soon they were off running to the water park.  It was a popular place!  I usually watch Mason like a hawk but Maya was with him and so I tried to have a conversation with Rob but found my eyes constantly searching for my running child.  I ‘lost’ him a few times and had to scan all the kids to find him again.   I wasn’t ‘worried’ but you never know who is lurking around.  One thing I was concerned about was Mason bailing.  The ground is hard cement (I guess foam would be slippery?) and despite the fact that he had water shoes on with a grip, he fell twice.  The second time he started to hobble which was concerning since he’s already had a broken ankle at 13 months (in a cast for 6 weeks).  It didn’t seem to bother him so he continued to play (I checked him later and it was fine).  I discovered his shoes are a bit big for him which caused the slip.

After about 15 mins, we decided to walk over to the outdoor pool for a dip.  Upon approaching the desk to pay we were told it was closing early due to a birthday.  They allowed us to go into the pool free of charge.  So we rushed in, got showered and swam around for a little bit.  It was unfortunate timing as the water was extremely warm and the kids were enjoying themselves.  I had Mason in a life jacket as we were in the regular pool (they have a tot pool but it was closed). 

Eventually we were kicked out and were back outside to make plans for dinner.  Mason took some time out on the grass to have a snack and juice.

The fun discussion, “Where should we go eat?”.  I was still in my bathing suit and a sun dress but I had a change of clothes for Mason.  We decided on the Boston Pizza in Coquitlam as it was near Rob’s house and a great place to take kids for supper.

I won’t do a full blog on dinner but I will say that mason’s meal was delicious and cheap.  I ordered him a cheese pizza with pineapple & mushrooms (.60ea extra).  They combo the meals…$5.55 for the pizza, glass of milk (that was never brought to us) and a cookie.  Cheap eats and the pizza was very tasty (he shared).  I had the chicken quesadilla which was yummy when I ate it but I was very sick later on.  I’m not sure if it was because of my sensitive stomach (I haven’t eaten meat in a while) or the chicken was undercooked? Or maybe it was the cheese..who knows.  Oh well.

Maya also had the cheese pizza, with a Shirley Temple (cute!) and worms n’ dirt.  She wanted to share her dessert with Mason but we had to tell her that he was ‘allergic’ to the worms.  “They aren’t REAL”, she exclaimed!  I didn’t think her Dad wanted me to tell her they were made from animals lol. 

After dinner we said our goodbyes which made Mason upset.  “Me go to Maya’s house” but I assured him there would be more play dates.  They played really well together.  Lots of sharing over dinner too!  Good kids!

Going to bed was a bit of a struggle as Mason was quite hyper.  However after tucking him in, he was asleep within 4 minutes and didn’t wake up til 8:30am! (Usual is 6:30am).

All in all, a GREAT day! 

Thanks to Rob & Maya for inviting us to the Water park, we’ll definitely be back…I just hope the sun returns too!  (Writing this the next day and it’s raining :().

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