Krause Berry Farm - Farmer's Feast 2011

Here we go go go go on another adventure!

Another place to cross off Mason’s list!!  I read somewhere on the Internets that Krause Berry Farm was having a Farmer’s Feast today and we thought we’d drive out to Langley and check it out!  Today (Sunday) was supposed to have better weather than yesterday so timing couldn’t have been better.

 The website stated the event started at 11am so I left Burnaby around 10am and figured if we were early we could check out some of the other kids play stores.  Well I guess I was in a daze when I was driving as I drove wayyyy too far down the #1.  I wondered how I could have missed the exit sign and it wasn’t until I got turned around that I realized that 248th street doesn’t have an exit, it’s an overpass!  Geez.   So this is my fault for not checking directions prior to leaving.

One of the reasons I didn’t write directions down is because I have been to the farm before with Clayton, Ginny and Mason.  Three Christmas’s ago when Mason was just a wee fellow.  We went for their Pancake Breakfast event and bought some pies and goodies in their store. 

After getting lost in a rural residential area, I finally consulted my map and got going in the right direction.  Word to the wise – take exit #66 to 232st and then turn LEFT on 56th, you’ll then see the signs to the farm.  Much easier!

We arrived about 20 mins after the start of the Feast and I was shocked to see how many cars were there already (so much for showing up early!).  The parking lot was full!  (Parking was free).  They had children in high viz vests directing traffic lol and we parked along the road at the back of the farm and then hoofed (hehe) it to the main grounds.

Mason had his red tractor with him and was excited to check it out. 

There was no entry fee but tons of things to spend money on.  We checked out the Lego booth which had the small variety of Lego (not Duplo) for the kids to play with.  It was too small for Mason’s little hands so we moved on.

Next stop – the pony ride $2.00.  We waited in a short line for a 2 minute ride.  Mason loved this, he didn’t say much but you could tell he thought it was pretty neat.  He didn’t even need to hold my hand while riding.   Video is here.


We bypassed the ‘petting’ zoo as there weren’t many animals and we’ve been to the petting zoo at Maplewood Farms and Mason wasn’t very interested in it.  It was also $2.00.

 By this time it was about noon and time for some berrylicious food.  We stood in a long lineup for their concession type stand.  There were menus everywhere and through the window I could see them dishing up a hearty pizza, cookies, donuts and pie.  We ordered:

  1. Blackberry pie (wasn’t great, no sweetness to it)
  2. Corn pizza (was good and loved the addition of fresh garden veggies, however it was half warm and half cold)
  3. Berry donut with pink berry glaze (Mason enjoyed this; the donut itself was infused with berry sweetness).  He got a bit carried away and stuffed too much in his mouth.  I had to dig it out lol.  I gave it to him in bite sized pieces as it was a bit dense.

 Once lunch was over, we ran to the tractor ride as it was just getting ready to leave (every ½ hr).  There are two types of rides ($2.00 per person under 2 was free) horse with buggie and tractor with cars.  We hopped on the tractor ride.


The tractor driver (?) explained that it was a new ride to the farm and it wasn’t quite set up yet (no canopy) and the tractor was quite small to pull all those cars.  We did a trip around the farm and stopped at the back (close to where I parked) to get an info session on the berries they grew.  (Blueberry, Strawberry & Raspberries).    

The rain started at this time so I think the ride was cut short.  Mason got his picture on the tractor:


Next stop was inside the little store to pick up a request.  Last visit I bought my Dad some strawberry liquorice.  He said it’s the best he’s ever had!  I bought one package ($5.99) for about 40 sticks.  I probably would have bought more if I didn’t have a little man tugging on my arm and the long lines up to the cashiers.  They have two sections set up, produce/gifts/pies and fudge, breads & sweets.  I bought two large clamshell packages of peas ($2.75ea).  They were delicious!! Reminds me of driving to Courtney to Farqueson farms and eating all the peas on the way home and throwing the pods out the window (hey, it was the 80’s AND they are biodegradable!)

Finally we headed to the play area behind the concession where there were a few booths set up (as part of the FEAST).  The bathrooms were small (only two stalls) but there is a baby change table!

There is an area cordoned off with a play structure and tons of sand and buckets for kids to play in. 

We also quickly walked through the booths:

  • Krause Berry Farm (Gave away samples of berry popcorn, yum!)
  • Annie's Orchard (Didn’t see it)
  • Campbell's Gold (Honey!)
  • Domaine de Chaberton (Wine, bypassed that one)
  • JD Specialty Turkey (Didn’t see it)
  • Milsean Chocolates (Chocolate waterfall – had a stick of fruit pieces you could dip for $2.00)
  • Mountainview Conservation (Didn’t stop)
  • The Fort Wine Company (More wine)
  • Township 7 Winery (And more wine)
  • There was a long line up to get the kids face painted however I didn’t see a lot of kids with painted faces so it must have been one person doing it!
  • JRFM also had a booth and gave away…get this…bumper stickers.  That’s it??

It was now nearing 1:30pm and it was time to head home, 3rd day in a row we missed Mason’s nap. 

All in all this was a GREAT idea and we had a lot of fun.  The event was a great lo-cost day and well worth the trip to Langley.  One regret was not packing a bucket to pick berries but that will be for our next trip out and hopefully whenever summer decides to show up, we’ll go when it’s warm out.

 If you want to go - The Krause berry Farms website is here.

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