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Mason builds a birdhouse is quickly becoming one of the hottest new social media sites and I have been pinning a few craft ideas to "Mason's Life" over the past few months.  Today was somewhat of an ugly day which means perfect for crafting.












I happen to have a 2 …

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Mason Update

Life has been kinda busy and I'm finding myself blogging less and less.  And while I'm not blogging, my little man is growing so fast.

I wasn't have much luck with Mason sleeping in his own bed so I decided to give him a new bed thinking that may have been the problem.  He kept saying he wanted a …

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Lunch Bags

When Mason started daycare, almost 2 years ago we didn’t really know what the other parents had purchased for their kids for lunches so we went with an environmentally friendly option.  A Monkey cloth bag from Kradles in Courtenay BC ( with Nuby tossable reusable plastic BPA free containers.  (Yo…

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Toons for Tots

Channel 43 is the only station I let Mason watch cartoons on.  Actually it’s the only station we really get cartoons on.  At my parents who have a zillion channels, there is a lot more choices for kids.  Remember growing up in the 80’s? Cartoons were on ONE channel and ONCE a week – Saturdays!  In 2…

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Superman update

So upon leaving BC Childrens hospital last week I am given a slip of paper which is for Mason's Orthopaedic appointment.  I was told the cast would be on for approximately three (3) weeks.  Give the clinic a week to call you and if they don't, call them. 

So a week would have been yesterday.  I …

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Me do it!

We've really been struggling with Mason's appetite lately, it seems so up and down and I'm worried about him growing!  He's always been on the smaller side and just above under weight.  Teething obviously started this and since he's only on 2 teeth, we have a ways to go.  I started Mason on purees j…

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The Family Book


On October 22nd I received an email from Urban Mommies that I had won a contest I had entered a few weeks prior.  The email only said that I had won a book, so I scoured their website trying to find what book I had won.  Finally I found it and the book I had won was ‘the Family book‘ which is s…

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