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To Sleep or not to sleep

That really IS the question.

It’s a no brainer.  Really.  At first thought, who would choose no sleep over sleep!? A crazy person? Or perhaps a Mommy that really misses her boy when he’s with his Dad for a week.  Seven long days.

I actually had 2 weeks of uninterrupted sleep, could do what I…

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New 'bed'room

I recently wrote a post and accidentally published it on my other blog (the one that isn't about Mason).  So to catch you up, please read this first.

So now that I have Mason back with me, I showed him his new room (playroom to bedroom) and I showed him Mommy’s room which is devoid of any child rel…

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Graduation day

Back in February 2010 my maternity leave was coming to an end and we had the arduous task of finding Mason a full time daycare.

Rhema was the only daycare we viewed and upon meeting Miss Ivy, we instantly knew that Mason would be in very good hands.  It was a small day-home of up to 8 kids (12 - 36…

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Bats & Octopi

It's 10pm and Mason isn't asleep yet.

Which is surprising since he was telling me 3 hours ago that he was tired and wanted to sleep.  At that time we were in the middle of visiting with his Grandparents (my Inlaws) and we were not at home.

So now that we were at home, we started the bedtime routine…

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Mason update

Could it be that I haven’t written an update since May?? Geez! Lots has happened since then!


Mason’s appetite and palette has improved significantly.  He no longer refuses to eat most vegetables and mushrooms are his new favourite.  He still has one sippy cup of milk a day and I offer him w…

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Managing the Monsters

It happened all of a sudden.  The word 'monster' populated Mason's vocabulary throughout the day, then the week.  He talked about the 'monsters' getting him and I wondered if this was a general conversation at school.  It delayed bedtime as we had to check under the bed for the 'monsters' and I even…

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Lessons in Anatomy

Last night Mason and I were cuddling in bed.  I was trying to calm him down for sleep and he pointed at my chest and said ‘boobies’.  So I figured this would be a good time to explain anatomy.

I asked him if he was a boy and he stated, ‘Yes, a big boy!’ and I asked him if I was a boy (he said …

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Oh Mason? He's an excellent sleeper.  I put him down to bed, sing him a few songs and I don't hear a peep until morning!

That's what I used to brag.

That has changed.

IT started with him waking up a few times a week, bad dreams, who knows but he'd end up in my bed.  His bed is beside mine, on the f…

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Mason Update

Wow, this year has just flown by, feels like Mason just turned 2!  So what have we been up to lately?


Mason’s palette isn’t qu ite refined yet but he is a toddler.  His appetite changes daily but he seems to be open to trying new food lately.  I made a Chinese dish that he ate and he lik…

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Bye Bye Crib

Well I lied.  The next post was supposed to be about Mason's 2nd bday but alas, it's not!  It's about Mason reaching a milestone.  I decided that it was time to take down the old crib and set up the toddler bed.  This isn't the first time we tried this.  When I first moved into this house, I had bou…

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Terrific Two's

If I say terrific, then I'm hoping to ward off the terrible.  So far so good.

I still call myself a 'new mom' to strangers.  I don't feel like I'm an expert by any means but I'm hardly new at this.  I guess it's because it's hard to believe that 2 years (almost) have gone by from when Mason emerged…

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Mason's almost 2!

I don't think I'll ever stop saying  'OMG where did my baby go?'.  Where did the last (enter X years here) go?

It is now February 5th and in 2 weeks, Mason will be celebrating two years on the planet!  He doesn't know yet but he is getting a birthday celebration.  Two actually.  One will be over t…

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Sleep. Now!

A few minutes ago I was laying atop my bed, in complete darkness.  To my left, Mason yawning and restless in his crib.  It's after 9, quite some time before we ventured into the bedtime routine.  We started off with 3 books which I read only once each.  The third book was a bit too old for him and s…

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Sleep, my little prince

I haven't seen Mason in 6 days.  We are on a temporary 7 on 7 off schedule which I'm having a hard time adjusting to.  It's a long time to be away from your little one.

It is Clayton's time with Mason today but he had to work so he dropped Mason off for a few hours.  It's kind of weird 'babysittin…

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Mr. Manners

Mason has been talking up a storm and most recently singing but what really has me proud as a parent is his manners (thanks to dc).  First it started with 'Tank Koo' after giving him literally anything and mostly said without prompting, progressed to 'Please' which started yesterday.  Now it's pleas…

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Growing up fast!

I honestly don't parent like I blog!  I've neglected this site for over a month, I guess the focus has been a bit more on myself as I've been going through a bit of a tough time. 

So now that things have calmed down, it's time to put the focus back on Mason!  Little monkey is almost 21 months old…

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From last update til now

It's funny how diligent I have been in the past with writing frequently enough.  Obviously Maternity Leave gives you that opportunity.   But throw in full time work and daycare and suddenly there isn't much time in the day to eat, shower and sleep.   Let alone write in a blog.  So I apologize for no…

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The way overdue post - Mason's Milestones

This post has been on my to-do list for months, I was so diligent on writing up until Mason got really mobile and life got incredibly busy.  My Mom showed me my baby book when I was a young girl, it was filled with notes, mementos and pictures.  My brother was born 16 months after me and his book, i…

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11 - 12 Month update

Okay so I'm slightly late posting this, considering Mason is um 13 months old.  I have an excuse! I went back to work!   Life is certainly busy so I hope you forgive me :)

So it's going to slightly difficult to think back this far and try to remember what his progress was for this month so bear w…

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Mommy goes back to work

I knew the day would come but it seems so far off!  Well time flies when you are having fun and my full year off with Mason came to an end.  Actually it was more than a year because I took an extra week off before he was born, I just was too tired to work.  Good thing I did because he was 10 days ea…

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