Managing the Monsters

It happened all of a sudden.  The word 'monster' populated Mason's vocabulary throughout the day, then the week.  He talked about the 'monsters' getting him and I wondered if this was a general conversation at school.  It delayed bedtime as we had to check under the bed for the 'monsters' and I even went as far as grabbing some Glade air freshener from the bathroom, convinced Mason it was 'monster spray' and had my room quickly smelling like daisies so he could go to sleep.

I wouldn't say he's even that 'scared' of the monsters.  It doesn't keep him awake but it's definitely a topic for discussion on any given day.  Sometimes he throws 'spiders' in there too.  We actually do have the odd spider crawling around on the carpet or wall given that we live in a basement suite.  I've explained that they live outside and we trap them in the glass and transport them back outside (I don't like killing spiders these days). 

Mason even went as far as poking a spiders web which ruined the poor things home.  So being an educational Mom, I explained that spiders build webs and that he destroyed it by touching it.  The determined little spider made a new home the next day which gave me a chance to show Mason how quickly they rebuild.  He hasn't been a home wrecker since!

So back to the Monsters.  I don't really want this growing into a full blown fear and I think it's unlikely since Mason is a pretty mellow little dude.  However instead of just hoping he'll forget about the whole subject, I decided to be proactive and get him to see Monsters in a whole new light.

HAPPY monsters!  Monsters  Inc.  Cookie Monster.  Remove the fear and replace it with the positive.  My next brilliant Mommy idea was to give him a monster of his very own.  So onto the webernet I went, in search of a monster for Mason. was my first destination, where better to find Mason a one of a kind  Monster!

So I put in my search word and received 30667 hits.  Okay I don't have that much time to go through every hand made monster item so I changed my search to handmade monster doll and got 4188 hits.  A bit better.  I scrolled through page after page looking for the perfect monster for my little man.  Nope, too scary.  Nope, too ugly.  PERFECT! oh wait, that's an alien.  Finally I found Harold...


Isn't he the cutest monster u ever did see?  I bought him instantly and he's being lovingly created this week and shipped out in two from Sacramento.  A steal for $20.00 CDN. 

I wanted Harold to be a surprise for Mason so I just told him he has a new friend coming to visit and that his name is Harold and he's green. 

I hope Mason will associate 'monster' to this happy little guy and make friends with him.  Perhaps then bedtime will return to cuddles with Mom and singing songs until he drifts to sleep.

Will post an update after Harold arrives and Mason's reaction to his new friend.

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