Graduation day

Back in February 2010 my maternity leave was coming to an end and we had the arduous task of finding Mason a full time daycare.

Rhema was the only daycare we viewed and upon meeting Miss Ivy, we instantly knew that Mason would be in very good hands.  It was a small day-home of up to 8 kids (12 - 36 months) and two care givers. 

From a little guy who could barely walk and talk to the ‘big boy’ of almost 3, time sure has flown.

Today marked Mason's last day at Rhema as he was moving into a ‘Big Boy’ school at another facility.  I tried my best to explain that he was going somewhere new permanently without making him too upset.  It was a sad day as Mason said goodbye to his teachers &  friends he had seen almost every day for the past 2 years. Hopefully some of the children will also attend Mason’s new school as it is a few blocks away. 

This picture was taken during Mason’s first week of school:


 And in his last week:


My, how they grow!



When I arrived at the school today, all the kids were present.  They ran around happily while we presented Miss Ivy's with flowers and a gift as a thank you for all that she's done for Mason.  The level of care and love she's given Mason will never be forgotten.  Not to mention the knowledge and teaching she's passed along.  We know our Son is smarter because of her!

The kids presented Mason with a ‘going away card!’

We too had a card and presents for Miss Ivy:

And then they sang a few songs for Mason


Took a group photo:

and then took turns giving him high five’s, hugs and kisses and finally it was time to go.

Rhema Childcare was a huge part of the first few years of Mason's life and I hope he treasures the memories he had while he was there. 

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