Mason Update

Wow, this year has just flown by, feels like Mason just turned 2!  So what have we been up to lately?


Mason’s palette isn’t qu ite refined yet but he is a toddler.  His appetite changes daily but he seems to be open to trying new food lately.  I made a Chinese dish that he ate and he likes sushi rice (grains or in a roll).  I’ve tried to be creative with presentation but sometimes simple is better (for example, he won’t eat cut up cuke but if you had him a chunk of cucumber, he’ll knaw on it).  Mason ‘wiggle’s when he’s excited about eating certain foods.  It’s like a little happy dance.


Mason’s sleeping habits remain the same – in bed by 7:30 – 8:30pm, read stories, sing songs and tuck him in and he will go to sleep.  However lately he’s learned how to stall and he’ll point out things in the room or keep babbling.  At the worst point he’ll hop around like a frog (hyper!) and it will be hard to settle him down.  Usually only one episode of crying or resistance and he’s out for the night.  Out of 7 days, he’ll sleep 5 through the night by himself in his big boy bed and the other 2 with me.  I’m not sure if it’s nightmares that wake him up or if it’s just that I’m up on the big bed and he wants to snuggle.


Mason has transitioned well into social interaction thanks to daycare.  He’s very friendly and approachable and likes to play with his friends at school.  He shares his toys well and seems to understand the concept but if something is taken away from him when he doesn’t expect it – full meltdown ensues.  He’s got a ton of energy and likes running around.  He also has great focus when playing with toys and can play independently for long periods of time.


Mason seems to be a smart little dude and tends to amaze me with the knowledge he retains.  He’s got an excellent memory.  He can count to 20, knows his alphabet and most of the words to the common nursery rhymes.  Even some in French (although it’s hard to make out the words).  He’s very chatty and talks in 3-4 word sentences (Mason go home now, I want that).  His manners are pretty good for his age.  He follows ‘no’ with thank you constantly, even during a tantrum.  No THANK YOU! No THANK YOU! Even in his sleep having a bad dream he’ll say no thank you.  It’s hilarious.  He also sneezes into his elbow which is something I’m so glad he learned early on, it will help prevent the spread of his little germies.


Unfortunately no news on this front.  Mason uses his potty for a stool (it’s other purpose) but does not have any desire to pee in it.  I know it’s still early so I’m not going to pressure him.  He’ll tell me when he’s ready.


Mason’s interest in books has grown quite a bit over the past year.  He was delayed in the internet.  I see most babies like to flip through the pictures or have a story read to them.  Not Mason, when he was that age he had no patience to sit and look at a book, he just wanted to move around.  Now that he’s older, he’s got a small collection and we visit the library weekly to stock up on a new set.  The books he seems to love are the ‘Goodnight [Canada][Vancouver]’ collection and anything to do with big trucks/machinery.


For a Mom that said her kid didn’t need a lot of toys, he sure has a LOT of them.  His toy room isn’t full but it definitely has a healthy collection.  He tends to play with them all at different times but his faves are small trucks, his wooden train set, drill set, the playhouse and blocks.  And of course the non toys.  My cookbooks, hair dryer, flat iron, curling iron, contents of the recycling bin, first aid kit (unopened).  He drags these things throughout the house


Mason never got real attached to any of his stuffies or blankies but he does have a few favorites.  On his bed are 5 things.  A little bear lovey, my teddy bear from childhood, ‘Buddy’ the talking doll, ‘Ben’ the penguin and his blue chenille blankey (which is no longer made) which has seen better days.


Mason is a very outgoing and lovable little boy.  He doesn’t enjoy talking on the phone as much as he used to but he’ll call “Grammy and Papa” (my parents) and is happy to have his “Granny & Grandpa” (Clayton’s parents) in town for frequent visits.  He gets their names mixed up lol.  He recognizes pictures of people he doesn’t see often “Uncle Mikey” (my brother).  He actually recognized Lady Gaga’s voice on the radio the other day when ‘born this way’ came on.  I was shocked.

\Funny Boy

Prior to having Mason and not being around a lot of Toddlers, I had NO idea how funny they were and that they understood humour and could joke!  I was asked two weeks ago if Mason knew his last name, so I asked him and he didn’t reply.  I repeated, “Your name is Mason Harbour” over and over.  He said, “Noooooo, Mason GAGA!” omg…at first I was like what? Then I realized he was being silly.  Specially with the noooooo part.  This only lasted a week and now he really does know his last name however it comes out as Mason Habar.  He also learned ‘Ta Da’ which comes out as ‘Ta Da Da’.  He even rocks side to side when he says it.  Really funny to watch.


We’ve been really lucky with Mason’s health.  Aside from the unfortunate broken ankle before he was one and the routine vaccinations, he’s never had more than a cold (knock on wood).  Very fortunate to have such a healthy lad.  His eczema has not completely gone away but it is sporadic.  Now that the weather is heating up, we need to monitor his temperature a bit more closely to ensure he doesn’t break out.  He’s got a few rough patches but nothing too bad.  He does get itchy and with those sharp little fingernails, he’s sliced open his skin a few times.  I try to keep his nails super short but it’s impossible to prevent him from scratching.  Luckily he still has baby skin and any imperfections are gone in a few weeks with no sign of scaring.


I can’t wait for summer!  The warm weather will allow us to have a lot of playdates and outings.  I’m still chipping away at Mason’s list of things to do before he’s 3.  He enjoys going to new places and having fun!

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