Mason's almost 2!

I don't think I'll ever stop saying  'OMG where did my baby go?'.  Where did the last (enter X years here) go?

It is now February 5th and in 2 weeks, Mason will be celebrating two years on the planet!  He doesn't know yet but he is getting a birthday celebration.  Two actually.  One will be over the weekend with Mason, Mommy & Daddy and the other will be at school on his actual birthday - Feb 21st.

Mason's nickname since he was in utero has been 'monkey' which he almost responds more to!  Then we've made variations of it.  Monk, Monk-Monk, Monkey-do.  He is quite the monkey so it's fitting.  So to keep with that theme, a Monkey themed birthday party would be perfect!

I have found some great ideas on the web and here is what is planned.

Courtesy of

Monkey cupcakes & banana sugar cookies:

And themed decorations and paper plates etc.

The recipe for the cookies is here and the monkey cupcakes are here.

To keep things simple this year, we'll celebrate at Mason's daycare with all his little friends.  The invite looks like this:

I can't wait! Going to be a lot of fun :)  Stay tuned for the birthday video.

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