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The furniture ain't safe either!

Mason Climbing

"Hi Mommy" Mason looks at me as if to say.

"I was just um seeing what was up here, umm you kinda need to dust more often"

Guess it's really time to babyproof the house!

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The animals are no longer safe

No more mobile!

This is how I walked into Mason's nursery this morning.  Busted!  Ever since Mason started crawling a few weeks ago he has improved his core strength so much that he's able to sit unassisted and is now reaching for anything in his grasp.  Including his poor mobile animals who happily dangled above…

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What do you have against socks Mason?

Mason is sitting in his car seat waiting for us to head out.  He's watching some kiddie show on tv.  A sock is in one hand, going to the mouth.  The other sad sock is lying on the floor.

Our son prefers to have naked feets.


Mason is now saying 'Mummmm' which of course I translate to 'mom', not to be confused with Mmmmm which is what he exclaims after each bite of squash.  He is loving solids! We love being new varieties to see how he'll react and so far so good!

I learn as I grow

Being a baby is an amazing adventure!  As adults, if we want to learn something, we seek it out.  As a baby, it just comes to you each day.  Hmmm today I will laugh! today I will smile! today I will crawl!

I am watching Mason move around the room, exploring his surroundings and remember that jus…

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September, already!?

So I'm walking to Mason's room to check on him as I just put him down to have a nap.  I'm thinking while I'm walking about what this blog is going to be about.  I think maybe I'll write about how great Mason is at napping.  I put him right down and away to sleepy land he goes.  I peer over the crib …

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Gymboree Intro Class

In my search for free/low-cost activities Mason and I could experience, I came across Gymboree Play & Music.  The closest location was Coquitlam, so I signed us up for their free intro class via their website.  There are five locations in the lower mainland.    They sent us two reminders and a follo…

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Finally! More sleep for baby and parents

I really wish the subject was - "slept through the night after 2 whole months" however I'm not going to push my luck!  Mason slept from 10:30 until 1:30, I b-fed him and put him back to bed.  He slept another 2hours (uninterrupted) and fussed at 3:30am however I did not take him out of his crib, I…

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Shot to the thigh

Mason had another appointment for the dreaded vaccine today.  At 6 months he receives 6 vaccines all liquefied into one needle.  At least that's what Dr. R told me but now consulting the immunization record (which I forgot to bring with me) shows only 2 shots plus an optional Hep A.  Will have to ch…

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6 Months gone by...whooooosh!

So my little boy turned 6 months old on August 21st.  What a milestone!  Not only did Mason reach half a year but Clayton and I have been parents for half a year....crazy!

I still spend many moments staring at the little wonder and have realized that he's no longer a newborn (I know, funny me say…

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Evil red is back

It started with a bit of heat rash on the back of Mason which we now have realized that he's too hot when he sleeps (little guy is like a furnace!) and from the prickly little dots turned into excema and it quickly spread to his entire body, again.  (sigh) I was so getting use to his flawless skin w…

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I've got mail

Today I get a notice in the mail stating 'final notice' for pick-up.  Um where was my first notice?  Anyways, I pack up monkey and head to Shoppers which is just down the street only to find that my surprise package is another sample of formula (mini can) which I get every few months free from Simi…

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Ready to hit another milestone!

As our little man approaches the six month mark, we look forward to the upcoming changes:

  • Mason is finally able to wear sunscreen which means more outings!

  • Time to eat some food! Breastmilk and formula get boring Mommy!

  • Sitting up unassisted

  • Is going to learn sign language

  • Mason has been busy …

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    I am a mom

    I sometimes stare at Mason like he's not mine.  Not because I do not want him to be, but simply because I am amazed I have created such a precious human being with Clayton.  His everything has been embedded in my mind and heart like stone and I get excited at every new milestone he experiences.  Bec…

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    Itchy & Scratchy

    I wish this wasn't a topic that was continuously featured on my blog but it's taken over our days and nights that I feel like I have to write about it to get some sort of relief (at least for me).  For Mason, it's unfortunately not that simple.  I previously wrote about some of the changes we've mad…

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    Pain & Raspberries

    It's amazing how much we disregard old sayings but when you think about it, they really are true.

  • Kids grow up so fast

  • Life changes when you bring a child into the world

  • Sleep when your dead

  • I keep thinking it's been almost half a year since Mason came into this world and another half year and …

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    Blink and you'll miss it

    I am amazed how much Mason has been changing/learning over the past few days.  It seems one day he has no interest in rolling over and the next day, he can't stop!  This morning I had him on the bed for a mid morning snack.  I laid him on his back and his binky was about half a foot away from him, I…

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    Happy Birthday Masey!

    And congratulations to Clayton & myself for reaching 5 months as new parents.  We are still ALIVE, a little sleepy (okay a lot) and are overjoyed with the world's cutest little dude.  (bragging is allowed on my blog!)

    I'd love to say Mason has learned all kinds of new things since last post but h…

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    3 days shy of 5 months

    5 whole months! My little dude is growing SO fast.  In relation to age, he's barely on the map but time really does fly when u have kidlets!  Since we got back from our Island trip, things haven't been quite routine.  The heat rash that Mason got while away turned into a nasty nasty exzema flare-up …

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    Mason's sees more of the Island!

    Clayton surprised us with a family trip to the Island for the Canada Day Holiday, he got two extra days off work and we left on the Wednesday for Victoria.  Coombs/Port Alberni/Tofino on Thursday and Friday.  Saturday we headed to Campbell River for an overnight and just got back tonight.  As I'm go…

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