Blink and you'll miss it

I am amazed how much Mason has been changing/learning over the past few days.  It seems one day he has no interest in rolling over and the next day, he can't stop!  This morning I had him on the bed for a mid morning snack.  I laid him on his back and his binky was about half a foot away from him, I turned my back and in an instant he had rolled over onto his tummy and the binky was in his mouth!  I figure he didn't put it there by hand but simply leaned his face over (as it was nipple up) and pop in the mouth it went.  Due to his constant rolling, I have to unfold the futon and put down two play mats so he's got entertainment no matter which ways he rolls.  Gone are the days where I could leave him on the futon while I typed away online!  A look away could result in a baby on the floor!  Mason is definitely on the move.  I occasionally call him 'kicker' because his legs haven't stopped moving since the day he was born.  He LOVES his piano toy and I'm scared he's going to break the big keys because he stomps so hard.  I'm wondering if a jolly jumper is next.  They seem so archaic, not much has changed since I was born.  I'd like to get him something more modern (okay, cuter!) but have yet to find anything.  Back onto CL & Kijiji I go!

Other than that, we've put Mason on a flexible sleep/feed schedule as his days and nights are all screwed up because of his recent eczema issues. The schedule seems to be working and is great during the day and evening up until 1am.  1am seems to be the breaking point and over the last few days Clayton took over the night shift to allow me to get caught up on sleep.  As much as I appreciated the extra rest, it was hard sleeping when Mason was screaming at the top of his lungs.  So we need to figure out how to get Mason to sleep from 1am to 6am and then have a feed and go back to sleep until at least 9am.  This is the schedule we are using:

  • 8am - 6 oz bottle

  • 11am - 6 oz bottle

  • 11:30pm Nap

  • 2pm - 6 oz bottle

  • 4:00 – 5:30pm Nap

  • 5:30 – 6pm breastfeed

  • 6:00 – 5   oz bottle

  • 7:15 - Nap

  • 9pm -5 oz bottle

  • 9:30pm – bed time

  • 11:30/2:30/4:30 - bfeed (depends on his mood)

  • Schedules like these are contraversial because some do not believe you should follow a schedule, others think it's necessary as babies need routine.  Keep in mind that this is our guideline and we aren't strict to it.  The original schedule (I got it from another Mom online) was feeding her baby 8oz per feeding as that's the standard but seeing as Mason is on the smaller side, he maxes out at 5 oz. which is why I breastfeed throughout the day (snacks) and so that should top him up to his recommended intake.  Phew, who said parenting was easy!?

    As for the skin issues, the flare up was almost gone but came back after the medicine we were using ran out.  I took Masey to our family doctor who gave us the routine advice and sent us on our way.  I've been doing more research and am trying to find the best lotions, soaps and detergent to finally get rid of the itchy.  Poor baby.

    The only other thing to report is Mason is now sleeping on his tummy.  His choice, not ours.  From what I've read, it's not a preferred method of sleeping by anyone concerned with SIDS however I can't exactly watch him while he sleeps and flip him if he gets into this position.  I did observe him for a while and saw that when he started to stir, he'd lift his head off the mattress (he has full neck strength) and was able to turn himself in any direction he wanted to go.  I'm not worried at this point.  Just need to make sure his blankie stays below his head which has never been a problem while he was sleeping.

    Speaking of which, I should go check on him and get some stuff done while he naps.

    Til next time...

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