3 days shy of 5 months

5 whole months! My little dude is growing SO fast.  In relation to age, he's barely on the map but time really does fly when u have kidlets!  Since we got back from our Island trip, things haven't been quite routine.  The heat rash that Mason got while away turned into a nasty nasty exzema flare-up which resulted in two doctors visits.  One to the walk in clinic which we got some cortizone cream and another one to BC Children's Hospital a few days later as the rash spread to his entire body and was extremly itchy.  Poor little monkey was hardly sleeping and scratching at his skin which drew blood and deep scratches :(  The initial cream we were prescribed was the wrong kind and didn't do a thing.  I'm a bit irrated by that as I was also prescribed a similar med for a rash I had as well and neither worked AND cost me $80 which is reiumbursed but I still had to shell out the money first.  Mason's first experience at BC Childrens was a good one.  We were admitted right away, Clayton stayed behind and filled out the paperwork and I was ushered off to an Isolation room as they thought Mason's rash might have been German Measles (which looks REALLY similar to heat rash).  We waited over an hour in a little room and was surprised to see a tv and dvd (almost wrote VCR haha) that was for patients use.  So while we waited, Clayton and I watched the news.  Mason slept.  When the Doctor came in, Mason woke up and was quite happy, cooing and smiling at the doctor!  The Dr. told us it was a bad case of exzema and sent us to the pharmacy with prescriptions for cortizone for his face and body as well as Baby Benadryl for the itching.  Once we put the cream and doped him up on antihistimines he was off to sleep.  It took at least 3 days for Mason to sleep through the night again (which I was worried was gone forever) and it's been 5 days and the rash has almost disapated but parts of his skin are really dry or scaly.  I'm sure it'll heal completely in another few days.

Aside from that, he's been doing really well and right on target for development.  I think he's at least 14lbs now but won't know until next dr appt which isn't scheduled until August which is Mason's six month shots.  I'm sure he's grown 'taller' as his legs dangle over his car seat.  He never stops moving!  Here are a few new things Mason has shown us:

  • can shift items from hand to hand

  • is selective with who he smiles with

  • loves his daily bath with Daddy in the tub

  • is growing less patient with laying down

  • is not longer interested in his playmats, swing or bouncey chair and will only lay in them for 10 minutes or so

  • needs to be kept busy or gets bored

  • can hold his bottle on his own

  • can hold his head up perfectly and look around

  • loves his new Fisher-Price Step & Play Piano which I just bought off of Craigslist yesterday!  It retails for $80 but the lady was selling it for $25.  I figured it was scammy but turns out its a bit used, guess it's gone through a few kids but it works great and Mason has a blast playing with all the different toys.  He is a big kicker so having something interact with his feet is great.

  • Mason_piano

  • Is more awake during outings which means less outings for us lol

  • Is better at rolling over

  • Everything goes in the mouth!

  • Showing an interest in food and we have been giving him licks of new things (popsicle, yogurt etc) which he loves!

  • Mason_Popsicle

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