Mason's sees more of the Island!

Clayton surprised us with a family trip to the Island for the Canada Day Holiday, he got two extra days off work and we left on the Wednesday for Victoria.  Coombs/Port Alberni/Tofino on Thursday and Friday.  Saturday we headed to Campbell River for an overnight and just got back tonight.  As I'm going to blogging more about the trip in general on 'my' blog -, I'll update you on Mason's portion of the trip.

As usual, little Monkey was a great traveler there and back.  Unfortunately the heat was a bit too much for him and he did get heat rash which we know now to be more aware of and ensure his body temp is not too high while in his car seat.  I've noticed a few new things about Mason:

  • Mason's sleep schedule is interrupted when we travel and wakes up throughout the night

  • He drools more when he's in deep concentration

  • His neck muscles are now strong enough for him to keep his head up and swivel his head around to look at his surroundings

  • He laughs more when interacting with Males

  • Loves to look at his reflection in the mirror and smile/laugh

  • We bought a new portable crib off of CL and it's a bit bouncey, he managed to rotate himself while sleeping!  Graco Portable Playpen.  This is the one we bought.  We paid $50 but I've seen them for as low as $40.00.       A must buy if you travel!  Graco It folds up into a nice carrying case.  The only complaint is that this case has no handle!

  • When on his back, he raises his shoulders off the ground to try to 'sit up'

  • Prefers to be sitting upright, so we have lots of time where he's in the highchair and playing with his toys or sitting in his bebepod

  • Can transfer items from one hand to another

  • Mason received two UV protection sun suits for his shower gifts and we finally got to try them on in Tofino. He fit right in with the other surfers! (Will post pics/video soon).  Mason also got to dip his toes in the water at Long Beach (which he hated, the water was too cold)

    Bought a 'toothbrush' for Mason's gums to start looking after his oral health -


    As for me, I decided to go off the Domperidone today.  I found that I was having a hard time maintaining the 8 pills a day routine and was missing pills.  Also, I fo und they gave me a stomach ache before/during meals which is ironic because they are supposed to prevent nausea in the first place!  Also, I seemed like some hypocondriac! In addition to the Dom pills, I was also taking allergy meds, birth control and a post natal vit in addition to and it was really hard to time all of those!  Heaven forbid I have a head ache and need an advil lol.

    Aside from that, mentally I'm doing great! I love being a Mommy and love meeting another new Moms and sharing experiences.  One thing that's bothering me is my post baby figure which has impressively lost all my baby weight but gained some unsightly mummy tummy.  I find that when my weeks are extremely routine (day planner and all) I am right on target with eating healthy and exercising but with any outing (such as a dr appt) I get thrown off and I don't eat as well or often and there is little time for exercise (besides the daily walk to the park).  Then you throw in a 5 day vacation and it's all out the window!  I'm not sure how to get around this without having every minute of my life planned :(

    I haven't heard back from work yet whether they will let me work from home full time.  This is the deciding factor on whether I will return early to catch up on bills with my salary being 100% again.  I haven't really thought it out fully as I keep thinking about the money but forgetting I actually have to 'work' lol.    Clayton and I have also been discussing the possibility of being entreprenuers as I have come up with a very smart must have baby item.  It's still in the planning stages and I need to know if it's really worth the effort but it could potentially make a lot of money (Think Robeez) and no one else has thought of it.

    Anyhow I think that's my update for now!  Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather when we get it!

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