Pain & Raspberries

It's amazing how much we disregard old sayings but when you think about it, they really are true.

  • Kids grow up so fast

  • Life changes when you bring a child into the world

  • Sleep when your dead

  • I keep thinking it's been almost half a year since Mason came into this world and another half year and I'll be at work once again and missing out on a good chunk of his day.  Watching him learn, laugh and cry.  I get tears in my eye when I watch him sleep and I break into giggles when he breaks out in giggles.  Usually from Mommy making some funny noise or making a silly face.  I live for these moments.  A new moment came yesterday when Mason and I took a trip to EA where Clayton was working.  (yes, on a Sunday.  Poor guy).  We were watching 'Baby TV' (who needs a tv when u gots a new baby!) and Mason was drooling quite a bit.  So I say to Clayton, "Oh, that reminds me, this month Mason should start making 'raspberries'.  And within seconds, Mason made his first raspberry.  I swear it!  We both laughed and imitated him to make him do it again.  He hasn't stopped making raspberries.  Sooooo cute.  I got it on camera today and will post a video once the tape is full.

    Our Mason is one determined little dude.  I think he forgets he's only 5 months old and isn't quite mobile yet.  He is constantly moving, whether it's his legs trying to kick off from anything near him so he can lurch forward on his belly or doing the 'inch worm' on his back so he can move ahead or lastly doing the roll on any flat surface.  We really can't take our eyes off of him!  Well unfortunately there are times where we need to and tonight was one of those nights.  I put Mason in his crib while I prepared a bottle.  A seemingly safe place for him to move about if he wishes, however little monkey was a little too mobile and managed to get his leg stuck in the rung of his crib while on his tummy.  I heard his cries initially and thought they were the usual, "mommy, get me OUT of this thing" type.  But when I went into his room seconds later and saw that he was struggling to free himself.  Then came the screams.  I think he scared himself more than anything.  There was no bruising or redness on his leg.  He had just panicked as he couldn't quite flip over.  I freed him out of the crib and held him close but he only screamed louder.  My heart hurt for him.  I tried to soothe him as best as I could but he was pretty upset.  Finally I offered a boobie and he accepted that and sucked like it was his last meal.  Poor little dude.  Eventually he fell asleep in my arms and all was well again.

    I realize that this isn't going to be last of his boo boos and I don't look forward to the many bumps and scrapes that we'll encounter over the next many years.

    *update* The leg incident occured one more time before I decided to put the bumper on the bed (I initially kept it off because I heard it was a suffocation hazard) but wise Erron told me now that Masey was rolling it shouldn't be a problem.  So put the bumper on which was a bit too small for the style of our crib but I made sure it was tucked in and all the ties were away from his reach.  He slept in the crib overnight and I awoke to hearing him cry so I went in to see what he needed.  I look down into the crib and he's laying sideways from a corner.  All I can see is his arms and legs because his HEAD is underneath the corner of the bumper.  I free my headless kid from this mess (he was able to breathe fine because he was in a pocket however if he kept pulling down he could have strangled himself).  The bumper was removed oh about 10 seconds after that.  I guess we'll have to deal with mangled legs unless I can find a bumper to fit!

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