Happy Birthday Masey!

And congratulations to Clayton & myself for reaching 5 months as new parents.  We are still ALIVE, a little sleepy (okay a lot) and are overjoyed with the world's cutest little dude.  (bragging is allowed on my blog!)

I'd love to say Mason has learned all kinds of new things since last post but he hasn't so I won't!

The only thing that I really can blog about which I hope some Mom's can shed some light/give advice on is Mason's severe ezcema.  As I mentioned before, it started as a heat rash when we went to Tofino and flared up upon our return.  Clayton thinks it might have been caused by me putting on a new bamboo shirt I bought him on our trip (which I did not wash first) but it's really hard to say where this came from, seems out of the blue.  The cortizone cream (second round) helped but the ezcema would pop up on a different body part.  We got to the end of the meds and I'm only giving him antihistimines when he's really itchy and can' t sleep.  My little boy hasn't slept thru the night since his 4 months shots :( I want my sleep back!!!

I started doing some research online (mostly Mom forums) to find out what other Parents are doing and it seems that kids with eczema also have a host of allergies as well which I hope we aren't going to experience.  I have read/heard about the frustrations of having a food/environment intolerant child and it's really tough.  I did get some really good tips which I will share below:


  • Cool  baths for 5 mins

  • Vaseline

  • Dove Soap

  • Bath every other day

  • Cetaphil soap

  • Washing baby with your hands

  • RAST testing for allergies

  • All free laundry detergent

  • Avoid

  • Warm baths over 5 mins

  • Johnson’s baby wash

  • Aveeno Cream

  • Pee mat

  • Using face cloths in the bath

  • If anyone has anything else to add, would really appreciate it!  Today I layed a wet washcloth over his red legs and it seemed to help a bit, maybe the moisture? and I also lubed him up with vaseline which improved the appearance/texture quite a bit.  I'm going to follow my new regimen and see if that improves his skin, we also have a dr appointment on Thursday so Dr. R is up to speed on Mason's condition (Mason was previously seen by a walk in clinic DR and Children's Hospital Dr).  I'm hoping his skin clears up in no time.  In the mean time I'm going to try and locate a good laundry soap for Mason's clothes.

    Aside from that, Clayton and I made the unfortunate decision to cancel Mason's cloth diaper service and use pampers.  It bothers me quite a bit that I'm communicating this as I'm so earthy but it's come down to the diapers just being more of a pain in the @$$ than it's worth.  I did a comparison of the two (cloth vs disposibles) and it looked like I was really pro pampers.  They are just so damn convenient.  Now if they were only much better on the earth.  Funny enough I went to the Huggies website and read their environment impact page....

    So basically my reasoning for this chage is because we have not been able to find a decent diaper cover that will stop leaks which means me doing a LOT more laundry because Mason's clothes are wet (and so is whatever he is sitting/laying on...like the bed mattress, the duvet, the futon.  UGH) When the weather was decent we had a waterproof 'pee mat' he could lay on but it's not possible in this heat to put him on something that retains moisture and it aggrevates his excema.  The other reason is the cost, I really feel that disposibles will cost us less in the long run.  Right now we don't travel with the cloth (too stinky, too many diapers).  Anyhow, it's a crummy decision but the best one for us at this time.  Anyone know how to potty train a five month old? ;)

    While I was on the Huggies website, they are offering a Free Sample of Huggies Pure and Natural, so I signed up.  I love free samples!  Unfortunately the size limit is 14lbs which Mason is probably at.  Oh well, guess I'll save it for the next kiddo.   If you want a sample, click here.

    Mason has been asleep since 10:45, I should be too!

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