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VBRO'ing in California

Because I was travelling with another family (Mom & Dad, 6 yr old & 1.5 yr old), we opted to stay in a VBRO (Vacation Rental By Owner).  We had outweighed the pros vs cons:

Hotel - Pro

  • Possibly closer to Disneyland
  • Onsite amenities (restaurant, gift shop, etc)

Hotel - Con

  • Lack of availab…

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D Day!

D is for Disneyland and we were all ready to go! Well by we I mean me, since Mason still had no clue that we were going!  We left the house just before 8 which was right on time.  I carried on like we were going to daycare and our suitcases were hidden in the trunk.

At 8:00am, my friend Ludy call…

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Disneyland Booked!

Our trip is less than 23 days away and we I am getting so excited.  I say *I* because Mason has no clue we are going.  I've managed to keep it a secret, despite some slips in conversation.  

I've been busy as a bee researching and booking; here is a rundown:

  1. Flights  $662.20
  2. Hotel.  $850.00…

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Mommy Scrooge

It's less than a week until Christmas and all the chatter about what my parent friends have bought for their kids has been circling around my social network as well as at work.  Up until this year, Mason didn't really have preference over toys, sure there were ones he played with more than others bu…

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Party Preppin’

Masey’s 3rd birthday and I want to do something special.  I began by researching venues and was quickly frustrated by the lack of options a month in advance so I wrote this blog about it.

The end result was to have a Pirates & Princess party in Clayton’s building which has a free party room.  We…

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Happy Birthday, now pay up!

Mason is turning 3 in less than a month!  Normally Mom's of almost 3 years olds will write a blog about oh how big junior is getting and wow can’t believe how fast the time went.  I’ve been there done that lol.  I agree with both statements but this blog is about party planning!

Mason had hi…

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Playing Santa

Almost midnight and while I'm not in the most reflective mood; I thought I should write about Mason's first real Christmas with me.

Last year was a hard Christmas for me as it was the first major holiday that the three of us didn't spend together.   Mason was scheduled to spend the time with his Dad…

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Happy Hallowe'en

Anticipation for Hallowe'en was generated more by me than by Mason!  I think it's a fun holiday and an excuse for me to eat copious amounts of candy.

Mason's first Hallowe'en at 8 months old consisted of us buying him a giraffe costume (The Children's Place)

and taking him to the mall to get a fr…

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Fathers Day 2011

In addition to the awesome Father’s Day art that Mason made his Daddy at daycare, Mason also wanted to do something special.  I thought it would be a great opportunity to create some art with mason and have a treasure for Clayton to have from his Son. 

So today last week headed to Cowboys & Ang…

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Fathers Day 2011 - A tribute to Daddy

Mason and Clayton are very close and are best friends. 


It's amazing how time flies, so I wanted to capture all of the photos of the two of them to date with a special song.

The song is Little Guy by Gord Bamford (available on iTunes)

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Mason's 2nd birthday

Today is the big day!  Wow!  Mason is at school today and that's where his party is going to take place.  I originally had the party scheduled for just after lunch but Miss Ivy suggested having it in the afternoon.  The kids probably wouldn’t be hungry for dessert and would be ready for bed!


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My hopes for Mason in 2010

As Mason approaches toddlerhood in February of 2010, it will be the year of discovery for this little man.  I have such high hopes for him and have said since he was born that he will do good things in this world.

2009 was his year of birth and he has grown into a very busy, smart little person.  H…

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Masey's First Christmas


When you have a new baby, you spend the entire year going through the 'first's'.  First smile, first tooth, first step....pretty much everything is a first!!  One of the things I was looking forward to for 2009 was Mason's 1st Christmas!  Christmas over the years has becomes more commercialized …

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