D Day!

D is for Disneyland and we were all ready to go! Well by we I mean me, since Mason still had no clue that we were going!  We left the house just before 8 which was right on time.  I carried on like we were going to daycare and our suitcases were hidden in the trunk.

At 8:00am, my friend Ludy called me to pretend that she needed a ride from the airport.  I asked Mason if it was okay if we 'skipped' school and hung out with our friends instead.  He was quite excited:


 We arrived at Park n Fly just before nine and the process to get us checked in was pretty simple.  Mason did question why we had luggage in the trunk :) I told him our friends were borrowing it lol.  

We got inside and met up with our friends and finally it was time to announce the surprise.

Disclaimer: This isn't how I thought it would be.  Ironically it was the same reaction my Brother had back in 1990 when my Parents announced we were going too!


After it was all said and down I forgot the Goofy hat that I brought along for him to wear lol.

Okay so we are off to check in and head to the gate!


Waiting patiently.  I have to say that normally breakfast at YVR can really drain the bank but I was impressed with Tim Horton's.  The prices are not inflated and we got a decent breakfast (BELT bagel + milk + donut) for $5.00!

Finally it was time to head to the plane!


We didn't get to sit with our friends but had good seats near the front of the plane.  Surprised we were not on a full flight and lucky us, the 3rd seat was empty!!  

I was set up for travelling with a 5 year old:

  • Tablet & headphones
  • Insulated lunch bag with crackers, Kraft Dinner (instant) & fruit and water
  • Blanket

So first off, I packed his lunch with two plastic ice packs and they were seized.  Oh well, they were cheap.

 Here is Masey all settled in!

When it came to eating, I did a combination of pre-packed food and purchase.  Let's talk about my genius idea to bring instant KD.  I asked the Flight Attendant to provide some hot water to add to my noodles.  The one thing I didn't take in consideration was the microwave part, which we didn't have.  So the water did cook the noodles however they collapsed and when I drained the water, the KD turned into flat soupy noodles which were definitely not edible.  Ugh.  So I dropped $12.00 for a meal combo.  Turkey & Brie sandwich for me (which was very good but heavy on the mayo) with pita chips and hummus and a bottle of water.  Well worth the price if you are starving!

The flight went relatively well and no issues.  Upon landing Mason had some issues with equalizing his ears but it was only temporary.

Here are a few pictures of the flight:


Once we landed, we headed for the baggage carousel and were surprised to see that some of our luggage was already there!  Ryan asked if I had called the shuttle to confirm our booking.  Uh I didn't know I was supposed to? (I guess I skimmed over those details) and we also needed to call them once we were ready to be picked up.  The problem? None of us had a US phone or quarters to use a pay phone.  I ended up breaking a bill and was surprised to see pay phones here cost 50 cents!  Luckily the shuttle had a 1-800#.  A quick call and the dispatcher said they'd be onsite within 10 mins.  Awesome.  Our private van showed up soon and was equipped with 2 car seats and a booster.  The total cost was $75 (one way) + tip.  This is the company we used. http://www.transtarshuttle.com

ˆDisclaimer: By providing the above URL does not warranty any guarantee that you will have the same enjoyable experience and I cannot be held legally responsible if something is to go awry.

Read on to the next post to hear about our new 'home' for the week!

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