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14 Weeks

Ugh.  What a long week.  I'll start at Friday, which happened to be our 4th month prenatal appt.  The visit went really well and all my tests came back with normal results.  I got on the old scale (which is usually a horror for most women and wasn't surprised to see that I had lost 5lbs since findin…

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13 weeks

Looks like my subject lines are countdowns! Truth be told, I'm not in the mood to come up with some catchy subject line.  I just finished work and had a quickbite to eat.  Not feeling great at the moment, I think I stared at the computer screen too long day.

Although I haven't posted any new bell…

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12th Week

I always love Sundays cause I get to read a new paragraph in my "What to expect when expecting" Pregnancy book (even though I read ahead hehe).  I take that time to read aloud to Clayton about what Bumpy has developed and how big he's gotten (the size of a plum now!)  Hard to believe!  Unfortunately…

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11 weeks and counting!

Well baby class was what I mostly assumed it would be.  It took place at one of the buildings near BC Women's hospital where I'm going to be giving birth in March.  Clayton and I arrived to find a 'classroom' full of baby stuff (minature fetus', diagrams etc) and chairs in a circle.  There were 3 ot…

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Baby School!

So tomorrow is Clayton and my first prenatal education class at BC Women's hospital.  I almost thought it was too early for the classes but then I read the topics:

  • Stage 1 - Pre class Questionnaire

  • Warning signs in pregnancy

  • Birth as a beginning

  • Breast Feeding

  • Communicating during difficult…
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