12th Week

I always love Sundays cause I get to read a new paragraph in my "What to expect when expecting" Pregnancy book (even though I read ahead hehe).  I take that time to read aloud to Clayton about what Bumpy has developed and how big he's gotten (the size of a plum now!)  Hard to believe!  Unfortunately my 'morning' sickness has not subsided and I'm still kept awake at least 4 out of 7 days with nausea.  Then the doozy came Friday night when the 'tickle' I had in my throat at work emerged into a full blown flu.  I woke on Saturday morning to the real morning sickness and was wishing someone would put me out of my misery (despite much begging of Clayton, he refused) so needless to say I spent pretty much the entire weeknd in bed.  Miserable.  Until today when Clayton showed up later in the afternoon and forced me to get dressed so we could take Hershey (the doggie) to the beach and I could get some fresh air.  I protested all the way out out the door, my sniffling and hacking self didn't want to be out in public much let alone exposed to direct heat.  But I went anyhow hoping that ocean air would revitalize me.  We headed to Kits and went to Wrap Zone so I could get some food (I haven't really eaten all weekend as it only made me sicker) I was a bit leery about having something with so much flavor but I really miss eating.  I got smart this time and ordered a kids meal, nice small portions.  Bumpy liked that!  While Clayton ate his lunch I zipped off down the street to Mother Maternity, the giant clothing store I eyed a few weeks back.  I really really need pants!  My prepreg clothes are starting to become extremely uncomfortable and I can't hike them up past my boobs!  Bumpy is definately showing!  I tried on a million things (quite impressed with their prices) and ended up with two pairs of pants (one grey dress pants & one brown capris) and I also bought maternity thongs.  No more granny panties!  You can't get much unsexier in those huge honkin' things!!!

          UNSEXY!!!                                  MUCH BETTER!!!

The one thing I don't like about pregnancy clothes is the 'belly band' that comes with most of the preg clothing, sure it serves a great purpose - comfort (as it's stretchy) but you can see a huge horizontal line across the abdomen. 

So after shopping we headed to a very packed Jericho beach to let Hershey run around.  The fresh air did help and I begged for the sky to produce rain...to end this heat (sorry summer lovers).  I love summer don't get me wrong...but this is too much and being sick and pregnant..I feel like I'm being punished!

Other than the weekend, life has been busy with work and prepping to move (again).  Clayton folks and my parents are coming in early September to help us put the new cork flooring in.  Fun times!

Til next week :)

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