11 weeks and counting!

Well baby class was what I mostly assumed it would be.  It took place at one of the buildings near BC Women's hospital where I'm going to be giving birth in March.  Clayton and I arrived to find a 'classroom' full of baby stuff (minature fetus', diagrams etc) and chairs in a circle.  There were 3 other couples there plus 1 lady who was without her husband.  1 couple was at 10 weeks (same as me) and the other couples were 16 weeks.  I looked at my belly and was bigger than most of them however, I couple was french and the rest Asian.  Can't compete with small frames.

The class seemed long for 2 hours and most of the couples were quite quiet so me obviously being quite talkative, dominated some of the conversation.  I knew most of what the Teacher offered as advice or information (thanks to Google and library books) but there were some foods I did not know I wasn't supposed to eat:

  • Ice cream (did you know most ice cream contains raw egg?) eww.  Luckily I'm not a huge fan

  • Some herbal teas

  • I just referred to a website to see if there was anything else I forgot and they list some of the things you can eat which the Teacher told us not to.  Sooo confusing.

    The last 10 minutes were watching a video (reminded me of watching movies in school) which showed the life of a fetus from conception to 15 weeks? They used cameras in the womb to show real pictures..it was freakin' amazing.  I still have a hard time believing there is a little person inside of me.  Especially at work when I'm focusing on doing my job, during bathroom breaks I see my big belly in the mirror and remember 'oh yeah, there is a kid in there' haha funny.

    Anyhow we have another class tomorrow so I'm sure we'll get to see the rest of the video.  Other than that things are still going well.  My morning (night) sickness has declined a bit and had 3 days off (thanks bumpy) but I have a feeling it's not going to stay that way.  (thanks a lot bumpy).  We have another dr appt set for the 29th and I think more tests will be done.

    Stay tuned :)

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