14 Weeks

Ugh.  What a long week.  I'll start at Friday, which happened to be our 4th month prenatal appt.  The visit went really well and all my tests came back with normal results.  I got on the old scale (which is usually a horror for most women and wasn't surprised to see that I had lost 5lbs since finding out I was pregnant.  That means that I also lost all the baby weight I put on.  I figure about 7lbs in total.  Kinda ironic that you go through life trying to lose weight (with no luck) get pregnant, lots of morning sickness and wham, 3 months later, skinny!

My belly measured a good size and the doc was nice enough to let us hear the heartbeat again!  I will never get sick of hearing that sound!  Another appt was scheduled early (supposed to be every 4 weeks) but we'll be back in two as he's going on Vacation (I need a vacation!).  Friday was also 'moving day', I booked the day off so Clayton and I could drag my stuff from Yaletown to Burnaby.  3 months ago (when I moved to the new place) I said I was 'staying put', I think I'm going to stop saying that!

So now it's unpacking time (oh joy) and trying to enjoy what's left of the long weekend!

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