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Happy Birthday, now pay up!

Mason is turning 3 in less than a month!  Normally Mom's of almost 3 years olds will write a blog about oh how big junior is getting and wow can’t believe how fast the time went.  I’ve been there done that lol.  I agree with both statements but this blog is about party planning!

Mason had hi…

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Lunch Bags

When Mason started daycare, almost 2 years ago we didn’t really know what the other parents had purchased for their kids for lunches so we went with an environmentally friendly option.  A Monkey cloth bag from Kradles in Courtenay BC ( with Nuby tossable reusable plastic BPA free containers.  (Yo…

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Bed Drama - Day 2

I had no idea what time it was.  A minute ago it was 8:30pm, I started our bed time routine much earlier tonight as I’m exhausted from the shenanigans from last night (read previous blog).

My dream child did not sleep in his bed, in his new 'bed'room.  At 10pm I gave up and he cheerfully ran aft…

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New 'bed'room

I recently wrote a post and accidentally published it on my other blog (the one that isn't about Mason).  So to catch you up, please read this first.

So now that I have Mason back with me, I showed him his new room (playroom to bedroom) and I showed him Mommy’s room which is devoid of any child rel…

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