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It's a...........bumpy

Today was a special day.  Our 1st ultrasound!

Upon reading several mother to be books (What to expect when expecting, motherhood for dummies etc) I was told that you could hear the heartbeat at 9 weeks and during an ultrasound, the gender could be distinguished.   Unfortunately neither of those tw…

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Rockin' out at 9 weeks

Baby's first concert was Nine Inch Nails.   How cool is that! Unfortunately he couldnt hear much (ears don't work quite yet) but I'm sure he was bumpin' around to all the bass.  Clayton and I went up to Pemberton for the Pemberton Music Festival on Friday.  It was quite the adventure!

We heard i…

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Okay so maybe I'm not so good at keeping my *own* secrets but I figured it's my baby (our baby if Clayton is reading this) and I can spill the beans when I want to.  The rule of thumb is to wait until the first trimester is complete to ensure that there are no pregnancy complications.  Fair enough b…

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I'm lovin' it!

I just ate a big mac.

The baby wanted it.

Enuf said!

Disclaimer: Picture above may or may not resembled what I actually ate. 

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In search of comfort

Comfort is a funny word when pregnant, it's practically non existant.  Whether its referring to 'in your own skin', healthwise or garments to's a hard thing to find.

I'm happy to report that I had a drama free night, I had no 'morning sickness' and was able to sleep through the night.  I…

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Busy bee

So I took Monday off because I couldn't get out of bed and had a bad combination of nausea and dizzines.  I slept most of the day which I obviously needed.  I sometimes feel like I'm a waddling zombie, even though I'm only in my 7th week.  It's weird how the pysche plays tricks on you.  During the w…

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7 weeks!

It's funny living your life week to week, waiting for the day you can say what the little bean sized nausea inducing monster, resembles. 

Clayton and I took our first trip to Campbell River together.  CR is where I grew up and where most of my immediate family lives (save for my Brother who live…

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Pickles & Icecream - the new reality

Yes, I actually ate those things...together last night.  Mmmm pickles.

I got my new Women's Health Magazine the other day.  The cover blared, "New flat sexy abs".  What a cruel joke.

Hard to hide a bump

So I realized today that my pregnancy pounds have definately arrived and it's a love/hate relationship.  I'm glad that the extra padding is there for a reason but at the same time I'm still very early in my pregnancy and I haven't 'popped' yet.  So I'm not sure why the belly is protruding so? [Don't…

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Quality time with Daddy2be

The rest of Friday didn't work out too well, after my doctor appointment I felt pretty sick and ended up staying in bed (after calling in sick) for the rest of the day.  The much needed sleep helped greatly.  I can't even remember what I did in the evening lol.


We slept at my place on …

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1st Doctor visit

Clayton, Bumpy & I had our first visit with Dr. Robinson at the clinic today.  Since Clayton and I are playfully arguing over the sex of the little one, it shall now be referred to as 'bumpy' (thanks to Auntie Jess in the UK for the name!).

It was a routine visit, mostly just a chat and a bit of t…

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