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Sweet Words

Normally I post the funny things Mason says on Facebook but he said something today that I want to remember always.

We were in the bathroom and while the tub was filling up with water, I had noticed he had put in a truck that was battery operated.  I didn't panic because a) it had no batteries in i…

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Go Banana's (North Van)

Mason stayed home from school today so I thought it would be a good opportunity to get out of the house and let him get some exercise indoors!  After reviewing Mason's last of Outings, I realized that we have't been to a play center in a while and thought we'd Go Banana's!

This location is actua…

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Beaty Biodiversity Museum

This is the museum we wanted to see but ended up at the MOA last summer instead.  They are both out by UBC so it was not a surprise I had them confused.

I waited for a Groupon for the Beaty Biodiversity Museum and received for $6.00 instead of the $12 for an Adult.  (Mason was already free as he …

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Mason's rules to Hide & Seek

As Mason learns new games at school I am sure to hear a request to play them at home.  This morning he decides we should play Hide & Seek.  Our home is only one floor but is quite spacious and there are a few spots to hide.  However within a few mins of the game, I realize that Mason has his own rul…

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