Over the half way point!

Six months is a milestone.  Six months ago Mason came into the world. Six months I have been a Mommy.  Six more months until I return to work....eek!

Well more than 6 months have passed because Mason will be 7 months on the 21st.  7 months is much more closer to a year and wow that will be a HUGE milestone for sure.  :)  So what has little monkey been up to as of late? A whole lot!  We watched him drag himself across the floor shortly after 6 months which was surprising as we didn't know when he was going to be officially mobile and were even more shocked when he was motoring all over the place a few short weeks later.  I can say now that he's a full time crawler and has learned to tuck his knees under this body to actually crawl for 'real'.  It's hilarious to watch as he pants when he sees something he wants and then that little body zooms over to said object.  He is so proud of himself when he gets it.  So I'm all impressed with my quick learner! Kinda neat watching him move all over the place.  Little do I realize that this is definitely just the start of a new phase!  I have put Mason down for a nap, I go into his room as I hear him stirring and lo and behold my son is on his bum with his mobile animals in his hand!

[caption id="attachment_441" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Busted!"]Busted![/caption]

Okay so he's now sitting up quite well without falling over and since Mr.busyhands can't keep his paws off the poor defenseless little animals, the mobile needs to come down.  The great thing about mobiles in this generation is you can remove the animals and keep the 'box' as a music box and can stay attached to the crib.

So then the next day, I have put Mason down for a nap, I go into his room as I hear him stirring and lo and behold my son is on his knees and he's playing with the top of the 'music box'.  Since this is new, Mason doesn't have enough core strength to keep balance and he quickly topples over when he sees me.  Bonk goes his head on the side of the crib.  Ouch.

[caption id="attachment_443" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Busted, again!"]Busted, again![/caption]

Okay now we have a problem.  On his knees Mason is quite tall and can reach the top of the crib.  I don't think he has enough strength to hoist himself up but it worries me that he's now reaching and this is a recipe for a lot of head bonks.  So I make the decision to lower the crib.  I haven't yet installed the new metal brackets from the crib recall earlier this year.  So now is my opportunity.  To install the crib brackets I have to remove the bottom of the crib which was a pain in the ass as the screws are only accessible on an angle with a screwdriver and I'm trying not to mar or scratch the wood.  I finally get them all off and replace the brackets which are very similar to the old ones.  Then I wonder how the heck I am going to get the crib bottom back onto the crib when it's half way down the crib.  Clayton and I assembled the crib together.  Well I managed to do it all by myself! yay for me.  I cleaned up Mason's room, changed his sheets and plunked him in his new cage.  I think he likes it.

[caption id="attachment_445" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="In Jail"]In Jail[/caption]

Hopefully that'll keep him in for a while!  I dread bending over repeatedly through the night though to pick him up.  My achin' back!

So that's the crib drama.  There is a bit of coffee table drama but it's a bit easier to manage as when he's with us in the living room we are watching him a lot more closely.

[caption id="attachment_446" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Into the coffee table I go!"]Into the coffee table I go![/caption]

What a monkey!

Update on Mason's eczema.   We haven't won the battle yet but the ointment that the Dermatologist prescribed has been working.  Mason still wakes quite a few times during the night and I really have thought hard about how I can minimize his wakings.   The factors are:  temperature, itchiness, binky out and hungry.

So I figure since he's only sleeping in a diaper, perhaps covering him in a light sleeper may allow him to have a more comfortable temperature through the night and eliminates him getting cold from kicking the blanky off him.  SO WRONG.  My 90% eczema free boy is now COVERED in rash.  He overheated through the night and now he's paying for it.  Damn.  His itchiness has been reduced quite a bit as he's no longer needing to wear gloves.  The scratching/gashing of his head has ceased and my little boy has a nice white skin bald head once again which is free of any marks.  He still occasionally scratches his tummy area which is where his diaper starts.  Obviously any type of heat/friction is not his friend and now that Masey is crawling he's constantly got eczema on his legs from the floor.   Sigh.  We are still using the binky and I really would like to retire Mr.Binky.  He's served his purpose but I really feel Mason can do without and it will be one less thing he cries for at night.  He doesn't suck on it long, for a few minutes and then he spits it out (sometimes at quite a distance!).  So we've resolved that Mason will only have Mr. Binky at emergencies (car trips, dinners out) and at naps/bedtime.  Then we'll start weaning him from each instance.  Speaking of weaning.  I'm gettin' my boobies back!  Mason has also shown less interest in the instant milk receptacles (aka my breasts) much to my surprise and so the daytime bmilk feeds stopped completely a few weeks ago and Mason only got milk during the night.  That has no ceased and I think I'm drying up.  My breasts do feel smaller but I'm not happy with the appearance/feel of the skin.  Think 'deflated balloon'  Oh my lovely breasts, where art thou?

At our Dermatology follow-up yesterday Mason was weighed and measured.  15.5lbs / 27 inches.  No change from his six month shots.  The Dr. wasn't overly impressed with the newest medicine so she has given us yet another prescription for something else.  Poor baby.

I recently met up with Satri & Sienna for another playdate and today we meet two new friends.  Kelly and Braydon!  I love our walk and talks!

Well that's all I can think of for now!  Have a wonderful day :)

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