Name that stench

I walked into Mason's room late yesterday and an overwhelming rotten smell hit me like a ton of bricks.  "What stinks in here???" I ask Mason but his vocabulary is limited to Mum, Dad, Kitty, that, fan and the unrecognizable babby babble it didn't help much.  I looked for a diaper that may have not made it to the garbage but no, the room was relatively clean. 

I then realized that it was the smell of spoiled milk.  Gross.  So I drop down on my knees in search of the ba-ba that may have rolled out of the crib and underneath.  Nope, nothing under there...not even dust bunnies!  I crawl around the room on all fours trying to find this elusive bottle full of the putrid liquid but no dice.  I finally gave up because it was late and time for bed and told Mason I was sorry that he had to sleep in a stinky room.

I went to sleep thinking of where the bottle could be and figured it might be in a dresser drawer where Mason likes to hide things, I figure I'll check in the AM.  6:30am little money is awake and I swing open his closet doors to get to his clothes and BAM, the stinky stench hits me again at full force.   A-HA! The culprit is in here.  Kind of weird cause it's not like Mason plays in his closet.  Then I spy the diaper bag, so innocently sitting on a shelf.  I grab it, unzip and gross.  I lift an upside down sippy cup that is full of milk and what looks like a block of white cheese.  UBER GROSS.  Even luckier I am to see that the lid came off and the liquid is now all over *everything* in the bag.

Recently I was staring at the diaper bag when I was amidst other parents with fancier, cooler diaper bags for their toddlers and felt embarrassed by my plaid baby bag.  I guess now I have a reason to get rid of it.  Once I had emptied it, wiped everything down and took the vile bottle into the kitchen for supreme disinfection.  As I take the bag down to the garbage bin, I'm kind of sad.  I ordered it off e-bay and was sooo excited when it arrived via mail while I was at work.  It was like the second thing I bought for bumpy (Mason's name prior to 20 weeks).  

RIP diaper bag

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