Kick me!

This week started off great!

Monday was the last prenatal appt which is always highly anticipated as we get to hear the heartbeat.  Unfortunately my regular Dr was on holidays so we had a sub and although she was very nice, she didn't let us listen to the heartbeat all that long.  It was like 'okay there it is, it's beating strong, okay let's turn the doppler off now' :(  We also got the results back from the maternal screening which ended up being negative for Spina Bifida and Downs.  My 'score' rated lower than the national average which was a sigh of relief for me.   I'm sure Clayton too, but I won't speak for him!  He's got his own baby blog :)  We signed up for another prenatal appt (Nov 6th) and booked the next ultrasound on October 23rd where we will finally find out what the gender is.  (Clayton says girl, I insist it's a little boy)  Can't wait to find out who is right!  I'm sooo going to gloat if I'm right hehe.

Other than that, I've been feeling fine.  The odd headache and overwhelming sleepiness but nothing too concerning.  Clayton and I are both looking forward to seeing the 3D ultrasound which has been booked for Dec 1st.  We will definately be posting pics/videos as soon as we get them!  I'll be 27 weeks by that time so the pictures should be really clear!  I was *almost* going to sign off without telling you about the kicks!  It wa about 4:30pmish and I'm still at work, concentrating on something and I feel this little 'pop' in my tummy.  Then another and then another.  I think 'oh gee, these pre-maternity pants are a bit tight...' and then the pops keep going on and I realize that it's probably not my stomach being squished but the little one bouncing around in the womb!  So I go on google and type in 'baby kick pop bubbles' and sure enough some women describe the kicks as 'bubbles bursting' or 'pops' instead of the usual 'flutters'.  The pops go on and off for at least another 20 mins and I have to call my Mom to share the news.  I felt like I had popcorn kernals in my tummy!  I felt the little kicks a few hours later but I think the little one tuckered itself out for the night.  I look forward to feeling that again tomorrow!

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