In Memory of all the lost little monkeys

I'm sitting in my computer chair, Mason is in my lap and I have tears streaming down my face.  Today is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day.  I have been fortunate to not have experienced this type of loss and my one and only pregnancy has resulted in my beautiful Son Mason.  I am dedicating this post to the Anderson family who lost their darling little Katie in 2005.  Erron recently posted a blog at The Shape of A Mother and once you've read it, you will understand why I am sitting in a chair, with Mason in my arms and tears on my face.  I truly believe that once you become a parent, any news of child related tragedies impact your emotions a million times over.  Tonight we are lighting a candle at 7pm to remember all the children that have been lost and the parents that will never forget their babies in heaven.

Mason sits happily in my lap and we are staring out the window, I point out the birds in the sky, the mountains in the distance and the clouds floating by.  I bury my face in his baby fuzzy head and take in his baby scent.  I hold him a little big tighter and am blessed to be his Mother and that he is in our life.  He looks up at me and says a single word, 'Mum.'


"I love you Masey", I reply

My heart also goes out to the Lafleurs who lost their 'baby' Cory who died at age 29 in 2007.  The Kraus' who lost their David at age 30 in 2009.  The Kangas family who lost their Tanya in 2007 during childbirth, her Daughter Sienna survived her.  May peace be with all of them.  Gone but never forgotten.

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