Apparently I have a long way to go....

So I'm in my 14th week which seems like such a small number compared to 4.5 months!  I was at White Spot last night with Clayton having a late dinner and upon being greeted by the Hostess she asks "How far along are you?" (I'm obviously showing nowadays) so I tell her and she replies "Oh, you have a long way to go!".  Huh?! I am half way done!  sheesh!  Kind of a funny statement since last weekend when shopping with Mom, a clothing store girl didn't even notice my bump!  Depends on who you talk to I guess...
So an update for you, nothing too exciting to report.  My morning sickness finally left me in peace which I am very grateful for, however I'm still not feeling 100%.  Oh well it's better than what I had!  I do not feel I'm gaining much weight back nor has my appetite returned, I still eat like a little bird.  Which is disappointing cause I love food!  Oh well, everyone keeps telling me to wait a few months and I'll be huge (oh joy).

Next prenatal appt is on the 15th as my doctor is on holidays at the end of the month and he didn't want me to see a temporary doctor.  I imagine it's the routine visit but I am hoping he'll check the heartbeat again (I love that part!).  I will also inquire about the 20 week ultrasound as we are anxious to find out the sex of the baby.  If I hadn't posted it already, I have a baby pool going online, put your vote in!

After that ultrasound is done we'll probably schedule the 3D ultrasound Clayton so badly wants.  I've been pretty vocal on the fact I believe it's not worth the money and our little darling is going to look like an alien.  However I'm willing to lie on the table and get it done if that's what he wants :)   That will probably get scheduled for 24 weeks which is a ways away.

That's it!

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