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Mason's trip to the Riv

It’s hard enough being away from Mason when he’s with his Dad for 7 days but today was a bit different because Mason isn’t with me or his Dad or at daycare.

Today, Mason accompanied my parents on a trip to Campbell River.  It’s not for very long, just two days until I arrive on Friday night bu…

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Me & U at the Zoo

Thanks to the Abbotsford Groupon for providing a discount on the hefty admission charge to get into the zoo.  This was my second trip (first time was in 2007 when I was there as a volunteer for a MS Charity Walk).  The zoo isn't actually in Abby.  It's not even  in Vancouver! It's in Aldergrove whic…

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For Heavens' Sake Child - EAT!

I had a lengthy conversation about Mason and his eating habits with my Mom today.  I have to pick up my Cousin at the Ferry this evening, so I wanted to pick up ‘faster’ food than coming home and cooking.  I was so tired last night that I ignored the remainder of my dishes, the food particles on the…

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