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Question to Mason

I ask my Baby Boy, "Why must you always poop while you are in your piano sit and play? It's not a toilet!".  As I pull him out of it and take him to his playmat on the floor.  Why did I do this? because many times while Mason is poopin' away (and me not noticing) a sludgy poo travels down his leg …

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Gymboree Intro Class

In my search for free/low-cost activities Mason and I could experience, I came across Gymboree Play & Music.  The closest location was Coquitlam, so I signed us up for their free intro class via their website.  There are five locations in the lower mainland.    They sent us two reminders and a follo…

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Finally! More sleep for baby and parents

I really wish the subject was - "slept through the night after 2 whole months" however I'm not going to push my luck!  Mason slept from 10:30 until 1:30, I b-fed him and put him back to bed.  He slept another 2hours (uninterrupted) and fussed at 3:30am however I did not take him out of his crib, I…

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Shot to the thigh

Mason had another appointment for the dreaded vaccine today.  At 6 months he receives 6 vaccines all liquefied into one needle.  At least that's what Dr. R told me but now consulting the immunization record (which I forgot to bring with me) shows only 2 shots plus an optional Hep A.  Will have to ch…

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6 Months gone by...whooooosh!

So my little boy turned 6 months old on August 21st.  What a milestone!  Not only did Mason reach half a year but Clayton and I have been parents for half a year....crazy!

I still spend many moments staring at the little wonder and have realized that he's no longer a newborn (I know, funny me say…

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Evil red is back

It started with a bit of heat rash on the back of Mason which we now have realized that he's too hot when he sleeps (little guy is like a furnace!) and from the prickly little dots turned into excema and it quickly spread to his entire body, again.  (sigh) I was so getting use to his flawless skin w…

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I've got mail

Today I get a notice in the mail stating 'final notice' for pick-up.  Um where was my first notice?  Anyways, I pack up monkey and head to Shoppers which is just down the street only to find that my surprise package is another sample of formula (mini can) which I get every few months free from Simi…

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Ready to hit another milestone!

As our little man approaches the six month mark, we look forward to the upcoming changes:

  • Mason is finally able to wear sunscreen which means more outings!

  • Time to eat some food! Breastmilk and formula get boring Mommy!

  • Sitting up unassisted

  • Is going to learn sign language

  • Mason has been busy …

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    I am a mom

    I sometimes stare at Mason like he's not mine.  Not because I do not want him to be, but simply because I am amazed I have created such a precious human being with Clayton.  His everything has been embedded in my mind and heart like stone and I get excited at every new milestone he experiences.  Bec…

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    Itchy & Scratchy

    I wish this wasn't a topic that was continuously featured on my blog but it's taken over our days and nights that I feel like I have to write about it to get some sort of relief (at least for me).  For Mason, it's unfortunately not that simple.  I previously wrote about some of the changes we've mad…

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