Spring hasn't quite 'sprung' yet!

The subject is in reference to the odd weather we've been having lately.  Snow? in March!?

So since I last wrote:

Uncle Ryan's Visit - Clayton's best friend and Mason's namesake (middle name) arrived by plane on March 20th and Mason was very excited to meet his Uncle!  Having Ryan stay with us over the weekend was great as he was an extra set of hands to hold, cuddle and feed the baby.   It was great seeing him again and hope he visits again soon.

The Party - we had Mason's baby shower/warming/welcome party which was scheduled on his one month 'birthday' [March 21].  Clayton and I both invited everyone we thought who might be interested in meeting our little one and were surprised that almost 30 people showed up!  I was thrilled that some of my old co-workers from StreetPrint were able to come (Jaime, Carmen and John) who I haven't seen in at least 4 years.  It was a mini-reunion.  Daddy Harbour took care of the food and had a few bagel trays with assorted bagels for us to nosh on.  Super yummy!  Shout out to Bagel Street Cafe for the delicious lunch.  Mason was absolutely spoiled with gifts and we received a lot of lovely clothing, toys, books and blankies.  The party was scheduled for 2 hours but went 4 as more people kept coming!  It was a great day for sure.

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