The way overdue post - Mason's Milestones

This post has been on my to-do list for months, I was so diligent on writing up until Mason got really mobile and life got incredibly busy.  My Mom showed me my baby book when I was a young girl, it was filled with notes, mementos and pictures.  My brother was born 16 months after me and his book, is mostly empty.  Life was a bit busy for my young Mom and she simply didn't have time to document as much as she wanted to.

So if that's the case with two kids lol, I'm not sure how I'd do with another one.  Anyhow without further ado...

Mason is almost 15 months  So the milestones mentioned below happened since my last update on ...

  • loves pizza (complete with dipping cup), waffles, hash browns and still green beans!
  • Words are Mum, Da-da, Kittttty, up, shoe, fan, 'that' (as in what's that?) and I think he tried to say clock today but was missing the 'l' lol
  • Goes up and down stairs with ease, loves to climb and still crawls like a pro (unfortunately no walking as he just got out of a cast for five weeks!)
  • Pulls the oven drawer (before we realized that we needed to baby proof it) to stand on it!
  • Points at things he recognizes (kitty, clock, fan)
  • Can open closet doors and doors that have a handle (opposed to a knob)
  • Loves pushing anything across the floor
  • Can put buckle's together with no assistance
  • Dances when music is played
  • Loves to go up the stairs and down the slide on the BC Ferries
  • Drinks well from a cup but isn't a regular thing yet
  • Had THREE nights without the binky (yay!) and Mr.Binky is now retired
  • Has fun with the tv clicker and points it at the tv, knows what a telephone is for and puts it up against his ear, and loves to pound on a keyboard and use the mouse. 
  • Is getting less tolerable for diaper changes
  • Rolls a ball towards you and 'catches' it back
  • Hair has gotten more blond and had a little hair cut (trim above the ears) but is due for another one and a few curls appeared at the back
  • Six teeth are visible now (2 on the bottom, 4 on the top)
  • No sign of any major temper, he only gets upset when you take something away (typical toddler).  Plays well with other kids (thanks to daycare) and shares well (especially food)
  • Eczema seems to be under control but has bouts of it from time to time
  • Is enjoying daycare and comes home every friday with artwork!
  • Is VERY busy, doesn't stop moving!  Very inquisitive and has a good attention span to new things
  • Attended his first Sun Run with Daddy! 1hr 10 mins
  • Very cuddly and likes to give random kisses and hugs to Mommy & Daddy
  • Starting to go through separation anxiety when we leave
  • Can close the sliding glass door and open it as well as the shower door (which leaves in a nice breeze)
  • Calls pretty much any animal 'kitty' and loves to chase the cat.  The cat has a very good temperament.  The dog isn't as patient but we are working on that 

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