Sleep. Now!

A few minutes ago I was laying atop my bed, in complete darkness.  To my left, Mason yawning and restless in his crib.  It's after 9, quite some time before we ventured into the bedtime routine.  We started off with 3 books which I read only once each.  The third book was a bit too old for him and since it was too wordy I made up a story which made no sense but I found it amusing.

I think I left and came back to the room 5 separate times.  Each with pleading for Mason to go to sleep.

First time:

Read him stories, turned off the light.  He asked for binky, I told him binky was all gone.  Garbage man took him.  ALL gone.  Bye bye binky.  He seemed okay with this (again) but refused to settle.  I left the room for him to cry it out.


Second time:

Back into the room to tuck him back in, rub his head and sign him a few nursery rhymes.  'ABCD'  he asks.  So I try to sign it in a low tone so it doesn't get him singing along and clapping which is what he usually does.  I say night night and leave.


Third time:

Dude, it's time to go to sleep! He mumbles some song that he wants me to sing but I have no clue what it is.  So I resort to the usuals:

  • Baa, Baa Black Sheep
  • Jingle Bells (Christmas wasn't that long ago)
  • Twinkle, Twinkle
  • I'm a little tea pot
  • Row, row your boat
  • ABCD
  • Hit me one more time by Travis (I've sang this to him since he was a newborn.  I think it's because I like the lyrics - When I'm not with you, I lose my mind).
  • Hold on by Sarah McLachlan (I sing this to him because I know all the lyrics lol)

I finally think he's asleep so I tip toe out.  I make it as far as the computer and...


Fourth time:

I decide to sing more songs while I put away laundry.  Yes in the dark (it's easier than I thought it would be!).  Mason's breathing steadies and you can hear that he's beyond exhausted.  On each occasion back to the bedroom, I start turning off lights.  That's one of the reasons he knows I'm out of the room.  He sees the room go from dark to dim and sits up.  He's amost asleep but no success yet.


Fifth and final time:

I am laying on my bed, taking turns yawning.  He's finally laying down and has his favorite blanky (still no binky - even though it's on the bed).  I sing a song and then lay in silence.  I'm hoping that he'll realize that I haven't left but get used to the silence so I can sneak out eventually.  I wonder what time it is.  I realize I still have dishes to do.  I also realize that my past bedtime of midnight/1am is no longer an option with having Mason for the week and I definitely need to be in bed by 10:30!  The next two days are very busy and we are back on the Island this Thursday for my Grandmother's funeral. 

While thinking all this, Mason seems to be asleep.  I do a stealthy ninja move off of the bed to avoid having him hear me exit the room.  I slightly open the door and sneak out. 

Mission accomplished.

PS It's 9:19pm. 

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