Mr. Manners

Mason has been talking up a storm and most recently singing but what really has me proud as a parent is his manners (thanks to dc).  First it started with 'Tank Koo' after giving him literally anything and mostly said without prompting, progressed to 'Please' which started yesterday.  Now it's please everything!!  We were sitting on the couch watching one of my favorite shows and he looks at me and says, "Choo Choo show please".   How could I not change the channel (I really didn't want to lol and tried to tell him the clicker was broken).  YouTube saved the day and off he went to watch Chuggington.  I'm really happy that he has manners learned at such an early age (Almost 22 months).

Another milestone is on the horizon with Potty Training.  We were at Toys R Us over the weekend while my Parents were in town and I took Mason into the toy store to kill an hour while my Mom was at the Dentist.  I was hoping I wouldn't regret taking him in there but he was a dream.  He ran around, played with the toys but didn't ask for anything and zero tantrums.  We crossed over to Babies R Us and walked past the potty aisle.   Now would be a good time to get him intro'd to the potty and see if we could make some progress over the holidays.  I started a few weeks ago with explaining what the potty does, what goes in and that Mommy 'pees' and 'poos' in the toilet and then we flush and wash our hands. 

There were a lot of options at BRU and it came down to the style and functionality, then price.  I selected the Safety 1st Comfy Cushion 3-in-1 Potty.  It was the cushy donut thing that drew me in.  Which was designed for a boy or girl (simply by flipping it over.  Cup down for boy, cup up for girl).  I paid $29.99+tax.

I also liked that you could remove the seat and use it over the adult toilet.  Put the lid down and you have a step stool too!  It didn't take much time to assemble (a few plastic pieces and then everything sets together).   Mason was pretty excited to have it in the bathroom and now goes 'potty' everytime I head in there.  I've started a routine where I put him on the potty (in diaper) when I go and after naps and wake up, without the diaper to see if he'll pee.  So far nothing but it's only day 2 :)

Just reviewing the TRU website reviews on this potty and saw that it got horrible ratings.  Yikes.  Downside is that it isn't returnable.  Hopefully we won't experience the same issues they did.  So many a good tip is to review before you impulse buy!

Any tips or tricks for me  from the seasoned parents?


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