Lessons in Anatomy

Last night Mason and I were cuddling in bed.  I was trying to calm him down for sleep and he pointed at my chest and said ‘boobies’.  So I figured this would be a good time to explain anatomy.

I asked him if he was a boy and he stated, ‘Yes, a big boy!’ and I asked him if I was a boy (he said yes).  I told him that Mommy was a girl and that girls had boobies and vagina’s.  And boys had a penis.  Just like Daddy.  I repeated this lesson and he seemed to get it.

Then he tried pulling my pants down to confirm I didn’t have a penis.  Okay that’s a bit too much learning! 

This morning while we were in the shower, he points at my crotch and yells, “OH NO! No penis!”

I guess he figured I’d lost it.

I did lose it, laughing.

What a kid!

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