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Disneyworld - Day 5

Last day in Orlando!

I woke up at 7am EST.  Not ideal but that is when my brain was done sleeping.  I decided to let Mason sleep in til 9 as he was pretty tired and we had a storm last night and I figured the weather might be less sunny which was not an incentive to rush out the door.

We lef…

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Legoland 2023 - Day 4

We purchased a 3 day Disneyworld pass but Mason also wanted to visit Legoland.  We did visit LL when we went to Disneyland.  I am hoping it's not a duplicate as it's an hour away.  I pre-purchased the tickets from Expedia as they were discounted from $220.45 USD / $300.68 to $173.00 CAD.  I am purch…

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Disneyworld 2023 - Day 3

After a good nights rest, we woke up normal EST time but in our heads it was 6:30am.   A bit hard for Mason to wake up at noon let alone prior to 7am.  I had breakfast on our balcony:


I made him breakfast and we were out the door headed back to DW.  I was excited to see Hollywood Stu…

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Disneyworld 2023 - Day 1 & 2

Okay so it's been a little while since I posted last. 

I think the last time Mason had a vacation with me was in Nov 2015 (not sure if I even blogged about it in here).  In 2019 I went solo to Belize and Guatemala and then the pandemic happened.  It's been a long three years without an overseas …

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Mason Turns Eight

Every year on Mason's birthday starting at age 3, I have asked him the same questions and see how his answers change over the years!

  • Age 3 is in Blue
  • Age 4 is in Grey
  • Age 6 is in Red
  • Age 7 is in Green
  • Age 8 is in Orange

1. What is your favorite color? Blue, Red & White, Pink, Pink, pink

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Monster Jam 2014

When I saw the ad for Monster Jam in December, I thought that it might be a cool thing for Mason to experience.   I couldn't really recall whether I had been to one in my youth so I assumed not.

I had a choice of going to the show in Vancouver or try to align our Disneyland trip and Monster Jam wh…

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Disneyland - Budget Review

I booked our flights on November 21st so I had exactly 2 months to plan & save for this trip.  My initial budget was based on pie in the sky #'s:

Here is a overview of the assumed costs:

  1. Flight & Hotel (best if you can get a package) $662.20 + est $1050
  2. Food etc $250
  3. Disneyland park tickets $…

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Disneyland Learning

We are now on day #5 and have used 3 out of 4 days of our Park Hopper passes.  We had a nice 'day in' yesterday which was a good move since it was a beautiful warm and sunny day.  The weather today took a dip and was on the chillier side.  I'd say watching the weather reports was completely useless …

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LEGOLAND California Park

Besides the wonderful world of Disney, I also wanted to plan a day trip for Mason and I to go on and after doing a bit of research I decided that LEGOLAND was the best option.  For those that aren't familiar with it, it is not in Anaheim but an hour a bit out in Carlsbad, CA.  

Before I bought th…

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Downtown Disney

Since we arrived late afternoon in Anaheim, we didm't want to use up a full Disneyland pass (My friends bought a 5 day, we had a 4 day park hopper) they suggested we take a walk through Downtown Disney.  Back in 1990, this didn't exist so it was a new experience for Mason and I.

We were thrilled t…

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VBRO'ing in California

Because I was travelling with another family (Mom & Dad, 6 yr old & 1.5 yr old), we opted to stay in a VBRO (Vacation Rental By Owner).  We had outweighed the pros vs cons:

Hotel - Pro

  • Possibly closer to Disneyland
  • Onsite amenities (restaurant, gift shop, etc)

Hotel - Con

  • Lack of availab…

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D Day!

D is for Disneyland and we were all ready to go! Well by we I mean me, since Mason still had no clue that we were going!  We left the house just before 8 which was right on time.  I carried on like we were going to daycare and our suitcases were hidden in the trunk.

At 8:00am, my friend Ludy call…

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Disneyland Booked!

Our trip is less than 23 days away and we I am getting so excited.  I say *I* because Mason has no clue we are going.  I've managed to keep it a secret, despite some slips in conversation.  

I've been busy as a bee researching and booking; here is a rundown:

  1. Flights  $662.20
  2. Hotel.  $850.00…

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Mommy Scrooge

It's less than a week until Christmas and all the chatter about what my parent friends have bought for their kids has been circling around my social network as well as at work.  Up until this year, Mason didn't really have preference over toys, sure there were ones he played with more than others bu…

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Alphabet Project

For Christmas 2009, I bought Mason's Dad a framed picture with his last name for our home.  It was a unique gift and looked pretty classy in the front hall.  

The company making these is Alphabet Photography and the prices range from $99 - $169 + tax (free shipping).

When I redesigned Mason's…

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Disneyland Planning

The year was 1989 and it was around Christmas time, we had just had dinner and my parents announced they had a surprise for my brother and I.  We had to play a game to find out what the surprise was.  The game was Hangman.  A blank piece of paper looked like this (minus the dead guy):


_ _ …

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A visit to BC Children's Hospital

Mason woke up today complaining of a sore knee.  Since he didn't have any visible injury and was perfectly fine the night before, I did what most parents do.  Give him some Tylenol and send carried him off to school.  Did I think he was faking it? A little.  It was so out of the blue and my attemp…

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Vancouver Aquarium

This isn't the first time we've been to the aquarium, obviously.  But it is the first time since they did major renovations.  Thanks to White Spot Restaurants, we received free admission for Mason with the purchase of a Pirate Pak.  The coupon was only good for a few months and expired Oct 31st.  On…

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1st Canucks Game

First off, I have to thank the Zuccolin's for posting Canucks tickets for sale on Facebook or I wouldn't have thought to take Mason.  

Mason hasn't had too much interest in sports to date but that's not surprising with him having two pretty geeky parents ;) I had been looking forward to today all …

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Funland at Art Knapp (PoCo)

I saw a posting on a parenting group on FB that Art Knapp was having a Hallowe'en event and put it on our list of things to do this weekend.  Luckily the weather was awesome today, tshirt weather!

The drive to Art Knapp wasn't too long, about 1/2 hr.  I took the Barnet all the way there and coinc…

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