What happens when you walk into Zellers to buy a $40 toy?

You walk OUT with $100 worth of toys!

Clayton and are I not really the type of parents that goes crazy and buys Mason tons of toys.  Considering his age, he has very little to play with.  I sold the jumperoo & the piano chair because he had grown out of them.  So I see the Vtech Sit to Stand Learning Walker in the Zellers flyer for $10.00 off and thought that's exactly what Mason needs!  Clayton's Sister Faye has one for her son (a different brand) and Mason showed an interest in it.


The activity centre can be removed from the walker so if your little one isn't ready to stand up, (s)he still can play.  I tried this out on Mason first before assembling it.  He was already in a hyper mood and went crazy for this toy!  He especially loved the rings that were attached by a bunjy cord  and tried to rip them off (they are pretty sturdy).  It has an auto-off feature (yay for quiet) and two sound levels.  I also like that you could switch between music and talk, it was also SUPER easy to put together, no tools required - smart! and it came with two demo batteries which probably won't last long but I'm okay with that!.

The things I didn't like are the wheels do not lock so it's not safe for him to pull up on, that it should have some sort of velcro stapping on the back so it can be attached to a crib.

Retail price $44.99 on sale for $34.99

So that's what we went in there for!  This is what else we bought...

Parents Magazine Approved - Electronic Keys. Mason is ALWAYS trying to play with my car keys, so I got him his own!


They buttons (from top to bottom)

  • 'Boop Boop' - I wish my car alarm thing made that noise!

  • sound of car starting

  • 'honk honk'

  • 'ding ding' not overly sure what this sound is supposed to be for?

  • It also have a lightbulb button on the right hand side which is for the mini flashlight they built into it!  The keys are really metal with soft edges, I was surprised at this but Mason likes them and chews on them too.  Good price at $14.99!

    Parents Magazine Approved - Alphablock Sorter

    I wanted to get Mason some soft blocks and these were perfect! They are on the large side, very colorful and some have plastic toys inside of the blocks, different shapes, some are rattles some are teethers. $9.99


    Clayton also bought Mason his first set of trucks!  Mason received the Playskool - Rumblin' Rollers - Crane & Tow Truck.

    foto.phpPlayskool_Rumblin_Rollers_Rumblin_Tow_Truck-resized200 You pull their tow and bucket and let go and the truck shakes and moves (all part of the rumblin').

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